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Phyllis Ellis (born 11 November 1959) is a Canadian writer, actor, director, and producer. Ellis played for the Canadian field hockey team in the 1984 Summer Olympics. [1]


She was formerly married to a former NHL-player Stewart Gavin and has two children.



Ellis has been employed in television and movies for over twenty years writing, acting, directing, and producing. Her credits as a director include: [2] -





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Red Queen Productions is a Toronto-based, Canadian cinema company founded by filmmakers Maya Gallus and Justine Pimlott, dedicated to creating films about women, social issues, culture and the arts. Their films have screened internationally at Sheffield Doc/Fest, Dok Leipzig, SEOUL International Women’s Film Festival, Women Make Waves (Taiwan), This Human World Film Festival (Vienna), Singapore International Film Festival, Frameline Film Festival, Outfest (LA) and Newfest, among others, and have been broadcast around the world. Their work has won numerous awards, including a Gemini Award for Best Direction for Girl Inside.

Maya Gallus is a Canadian documentary filmmaker, and co-founder of Red Queen Productions with Justine Pimlott. Her films have screened at international film festivals, including Toronto International Film Festival, Montreal World Film Festival, Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, Sheffield Doc/Fest, SEOUL International Women’s Film Festival, Singapore International Film Festival, This Human World Film Festival (Vienna) and Women Make Waves (Taiwan), among others. Her work has also screened at the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), Donostia Kultura, San Sebastián and Canada House UK, as well as theatrically in Tokyo, San Francisco, Key West and Toronto, and been broadcast around the world. She has won numerous awards, including a Gemini Award for Best Direction for Girl Inside, and has been featured in The Guardian, UK; Ms. (Magazine), Curve (Magazine), Bust (Magazine), Salon (Magazine), POV and The Walrus, among others. She is a Director/Writer alumna of the Canadian Film Centre and a participant in Women in the Director’s Chair. She will be honoured with a "Focus On" retrospective at the 2017 Hot Docs festival.

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<i>Toxic Beauty</i> 2019 film

Toxic Beauty is a 2019 Canadian-American documentary film about exposure to dangerous substances from commonly trusted beauty products such as baby powder. Directed by Phyllis Ellis and produced by White Pine Pictures, the film premiered at the April 2019 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival. The documentary follows the experiences and motivations of beauty product consumers as well as the experience of cancers caused by brand-name cosmetics, including but not limited to Johnson & Johnson. Features include interviews with scientists, doctors, and lawyers about the issues surrounding a substandard regulation system, and scientist Mymy Nguyen's journey of discovery as she seeks to replace commonly used products with safer ones.


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