Possession (God album)

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Studio album by
Released17 April 1992 (1992-04-17)
RecordedGateway Studio, Kingston
Genre Industrial, industrial rock, experimental rock, avant-garde, industrial metal
Label Caroline/Virgin
Producer Kevin Martin
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Possession is the debut studio album of GOD, released on 17 April 1992 by Caroline and Virgin Records.

God were a British industrial ensemble formed/named in London by Kevin Martin. Founded by Kevin Martin and Nigel Armstrong in 1987, having previously worked together as the Fire Next Time in Weymouth Dorset. The band's first official release was 'Sounds Like Thunder' in 1988, for a Mark E. Smith(The Fall) curated 'Disparate Cognescenti' compilation. The band expanded to include nine members and released two studio albums before disbanding in 1996. The group's abrasive marriage of ambient, dub, free jazz and noise rock music garnered respect from their peers such as Bill Laswell, Ministry, My Bloody Valentine, J. G. Thirlwell and John Zorn.

Caroline Records American record label

Caroline Records is a record label. Caroline has or had a number of subsidiary labels including Astralwerks, Gyroscope, Caroline Blue Plate, Rocks the World, Scamp, and Passenger.

Virgin Records UK record company

Virgin Records Ltd. is a British record label founded by entrepreneurs Richard Branson, Simon Draper, Nik Powell, and musician Tom Newman in 1972. It grew to be a worldwide phenomenon over time, with the success of platinum performers such as Aaliyah, George Michael, Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson, Roy Orbison, Devo, Tangerine Dream, Genesis, Keith Richards, the Human League, Culture Club, Simple Minds, Lenny Kravitz, dc Talk, the Smashing Pumpkins, Mike Oldfield, Gorillaz, Lewis Capaldi and Spice Girls, among others.



Terrorizer United Kingdom 100 Most Important Albums of the Nineties [3] 2000*
"*" denotes an unordered list.

Track listing

All tracks are written by GOD.

3."Return to Hell"5:27
4."Soul Fire"9:52
5."Hate Meditation"4:49
6."Lord, I'm On My Way"10:22
8."Black Jesus"6:49


Adapted from the Possession liner notes. [4]

Release history

United Kingdom 1992 Virgin CD CDVE 910
United States Caroline CD, CS CAROL 1874

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