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Northern Cyprus Limited-recognition state on the Island of Cyprus

Northern Cyprus, officially the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, is a de facto state that comprises the northeastern portion of the island of Cyprus. Recognised only by Turkey, all other states consider Northern Cyprus to be part of the Republic of Cyprus or are silent on the question.

Mehmet Ali Talat Former President of TRNC

Mehmet Ali Talat is a Turkish Cypriot politician who served as the President of Northern Cyprus from 2005 to 2010. Talat is the leader of the social democratic Republican Turkish Party, having previously held this position between 1996 and 2005. He became prime minister in 2004, and subsequently won the presidential election held on 17 April 2005. Talat was inaugurated on 25 April 2005, succeeding retiring leader Rauf Denktaş. He lost the presidential election of 2010 and was replaced by Derviş Eroğlu as President.

Flag of Northern Cyprus National flag

The flag of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is the national flag of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and is based on the flag of Turkey, with the colors reversed and two additional horizontal red stripes at the top and bottom. The flag was drawn by the Turkish Cypriot artist Emin Çizenel. It was adopted in 1984 by Northern Cyprus, a self-declared state that is recognized only by Turkey, after its unilateral declaration of independence in 1983.

Declaration of Independence of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

The declaration of Independence of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was a unilateral declaration of independence from the Republic of Cyprus by the Turkish Cypriot parliament on 15 November 1983.

Serdar Denktaş Turkish Cypriot politician

Serdar Denktaş is son of Rauf Denktaş, the former President of the de facto Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

This article covers the civilian casualties and displacements that occurred between 1963 and 1975 – from the outbreak of the intercommunal fighting until the end of displacements following the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

Turkish Resistance Organisation 1958–1974 Turkish Cypriot paramilitary organisation

The Turkish Resistance Organisation was a Turkish Cypriot pro-taksim paramilitary organisation formed by Rauf Denktaş and Turkish military officer Rıza Vuruşkan in 1958 as an organisation to counter the Greek Cypriot Fighter's Organization EOKA. The name of the organization was changed twice. In 1967 to "Mücahit", and became the Security Forces Command in 1976.

Fazıl Küçük Turkish Cypriot politician (1906-1984)

Fazıl Küçük was a Turkish Cypriot politician who served as the first Vice President of the Republic of Cyprus.

Foreign relations of Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is recognised only by Turkey, a country which facilitates many of its contacts with the international community. After it was occupied by Turkey, Northern Cyprus' relations with the rest of the world were further complicated by a series of United Nations resolutions which declared its independence legally invalid. A 2004 UN Referendum on settling the Cyprus dispute was accepted by the Turkish Cypriots but rejected by the Greek Cypriots. After that, the European Union declared its intentions to assist in reducing the economic isolation of Northern Cyprus and began giving aid to the territory. However, due to pressure from Greece and the Republic of Cyprus, this aid coming from EU funds cannot be used on Greek Cypriot land and property nor on public bodies. As a result, these funds can be used only on 29 percent of people on the island of Cyprus.

Osman Nejat Konuk was a 2nd prime minister of Northern Cyprus, He held this office twice, once from 1976 to 1978 and a second time from 1983 to 1985.

Mustafa Çağatay was a Turkish Cypriot politician who served as the first Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus from 15 November 1983 to 13 December 1983. He was previously prime minister of the Turkish Federated State of Cyprus from 1978 to 1983.

The Battle of Tillyria or Battle of Kokkina, also known as Erenköy Resistance, was a conflict in August 1964 between units of the Cypriot National Guard and Turkish Cypriot armed groups in Kokkina area of Cyprus. The latter were supported with air strikes from Turkey.

2015 Northern Cypriot presidential election

Presidential elections were held in Northern Cyprus in April 2015. In the first round, held on 19 April 2015, the incumbent president independent candidate Derviş Eroğlu and independent candidate Mustafa Akıncı progressed to the second round. The second round took place on 26 April 2015 and was won by Akıncı.

Mustafa Akıncı Turkish Cypriot politician

Mustafa Akıncı is a Turkish Cypriot politician who was the President of Northern Cyprus from April 2015 until October 2020.

Autonomous Turkish Cypriot Administration

The Autonomous Turkish Cypriot Administration was the name of a de facto administration established by the Turkish Cypriots in present-day Northern Cyprus immediately after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974.

Cumhuriyet Park

Cumhuriyet Park is a park in the Gönyeli quarter of North Nicosia. It is the resting place of Rauf Denktaş, the founder of Northern Cyprus, and is an important tourist attraction.

Özdil Nami

Özdil Nami is a British-born Turkish Cypriot politician. He has served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Northern Cyprus and the Turkish Cypriot Special Representative in the negotiations to solve the Cyprus dispute. He currently serves as the Minister of Economy and Energy of Northern Cyprus.

Raif Denktaş was a Turkish Cypriot composer, politician, academic, journalist and writer. He died after a controversial car accident where his car collided with a military vehicle.

Once Upon a Time in Cyprus is a Turkish historical television drama series broadcast by TRT 1. It is set in 1960s Cyprus, and is based on the story of Turkish Cypriots' resistance against the extremist Greek Cypriot organisation EOKA-B whose activities were reported in the United Nations General Assembly on November 12, 1956. The series will explore all human rights incidents caused by EOKA-B that unfolded from Bloody Christmas until the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974.

Northern Cyprus and the United States do not have official diplomatic relations as the United States does not recognize Northern Cyrpus as a sovereign nation and instead recognizes the region of Northern Cyrpus as part of Cyprus. Despite no formal relations between the two nations, Northern Cyprus has appointed Ambassadors to the United States and has a representative office in Washington, D.C. which serves as its De facto embassy. Northern Cyprus also maintains Representative office in New York City serving as a de facto consulate-general and as a de facto Permanent Mission to the United Nations. The United States on the other hand has a diplomatic office in North Nicosia as part of its embassy in Nicosia to Cyprus.


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  1. transliterated as Rauf Denktash in English [5]
  2. Turkish:  [ɾaːˈuf ˈdeɲctaʃ]

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Rauf Denktaş
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15 November 1983 24 April 2005
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18 February 1973 – 24 April 2005
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