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Birka Princess Stockholm.jpg
MS Birka Princess portrayed the fictional MS Freja in Rederiet
Genre Drama
Created by Louise Boije af Gennäs
Peter Emanuel Falck
Directed by Filippa Wallström
Marcelo Racana
Christian Wikander
Thomas Hellberg
Starring Gösta Prüzelius
Johannes Brost
Kenneth Söderman
Hans V. Engström
Bert-Åke Varg
Gaby Stenberg
Bengt Bauler
Thomas Hellberg
Peter Harryson
Mikael Samuelson
Suzanne Reuter
Per Holmberg
Gösta Krantz
Theme music composer Anders Neglin
Country of originSweden
Original languageSwedish
No. of seasons20
No. of episodes318 (list of episodes)
Running time45 min
Original network SVT
Original release20 August 1992 (1992-08-20) 
18 April 2002 (2002-04-18)

Rederiet (High Seas or The Shipping Company) was a (318 episodes) Swedish soap opera that aired on Sveriges Television between August 1992 and April 2002. [1] The cast featured many popular and renowned Swedish actors.


The 45-minute episodes were broadcast weekly on Thursday nights on the public-service channel SVT1 and normally had between one and two million viewers. For ten years, Rederiet was the number-one rated show on Swedish television, along with the rival TV4 show Tre Kronor . The competition for viewers can be compared to that between Dynasty and Dallas.

Rederiet also gained popularity in Finland on Yle TV2, and the show was a hit in Norway too on TV2. The first season of the show was also sold to Egypt. The later seasons of the series were produced in collaboration with YLE, which led most notably to Finnish actor Åke Lindman appearing in the series. Rapper Ken Ring also appeared as an extra in the show in 1996.

On April Fools' Day 1993 SVT News announced that Mel Gibson was to play a lead role in the series. Gibson himself was interviewed and confirmed the information. It was later revealed that the whole event had been a joke.


The story is about a shipping company which conducts cruiseferry traffic on the Baltic Sea between Stockholm, Sweden and Turku, Finland. It takes place on board MS Freja, the exterior of which was portrayed in the series by the Finnish registered MS Birka Princess. In the series the ship has different funnel colours from the ones in real life; in reality they were blue, yellow and red but in the series they were retouched to appear as different shades of blue. The show follows life on board the ship, mostly focusing on the crew and captain, but also on some of the passengers. The plot often involves love, breakups, accidents, deaths, murders, smuggling, theft, arson, rape, drugs, and insanity.

Another part of the story takes place on land, following the life of the Dahléns, the family who owns and runs the shipping company. There are also rival companies who try to gain control over the company, which leads to a constant struggle for power.


Here is a list of the characters in Rederiet:

Gösta Prüzelius Reidar Dahlén1992 -2000
Gaby Stenberg Elinor Dahlén/Beatrice Dahlén1992/1994-2002
Mikael Samuelson Rolf Dahlén1992 - 1993
Suzanne Reuter Renate Dahlén1992 - 1994
Gunilla Paulsen Rebecca Dahlén1992 - 1993, 1994, 2001 - 2002
Lena Strömdahl Yvonne Dahlén1992 - 1996
Louise Belfrage/Sara Alström Lina Dahlén1992 - 1993, 1996 - 1997
Emil Boss / Måns Nathanaelson Reidar Dahlén Jr "Junior"1992 - 1995/1995 - 1997
Bengt Bauler Carl Ericson1994 - 2000, 2002
Bert-Åke Varg Gustav Sjögren1992 - 2002
Wallis Grahn Gerd Sjögren1992 - 1993
Angelica Rubertson Sofie Sjögren1992 - 1994, 1998
Kenneth Söderman Tony Sjögren1992 - 2002
Margaretha Byström Katarina Remmer1997 - 2002
Patrik Bergner Nikolaj Remlund1998 - 2002
Lotta Karlge Anja Remmer2000 - 2002
Johan H:son Kjellgren Viktor Remmer1998 - 1999
Carina Lidbom Alexandra Remmer1998 - 2001
Marie Robertson Nina Remmer1998 - 2001
Mikaela Ramel Eva "Angelique" Wiik/Roberts/Remmer1999 - 2000, 2002
Tommy Nilson Ivan Remmer1997
Anders Ahlbom Yngve Almkvist1992 - 1993
Anders Beckman Günther Kraft1994
Anders Larsson Malte Eriksson1994 - 2001
Anita Wall Elisabeth Lerwacht1993 - 1994
Anna-Maria Samuelsson Käll Emelie Lindberg1998 - 2000
Bojan Westin Barbro Pastorelli1995 - 1996
Cecilia Ljung Peggy Svensson1994
Claes Ljungmark Joel Hagberg1994 - 1995, 1996
Duncan Green Peter Henson2000-2002
Dan Ekborg Kaj Öhman2002
Daniel Gustavsson Mattias Andersson2001 - 2002
Daniel Sjöberg Thomas Nilsson1992 - 1993
Erik Kiviniemi Jussi Tola1993 - 1994, 2001
Erika Höghede Karin Bergström/Anna Lindell2000 - 2002
Eva Bysing Irma Larsson/Nilsson1992 - 1996
Sofia Helin Minna Lager1996, 1998
Ewa Carlsson Margareta Lundqvist/Lager/Hammar1996 - 2001
Pia Green Sara Torstensson1993 - 1994
Göran Gillinger Robert "Raspen" Torstensson1993 - 1994
Hans V. Engström Uno Kronkvist1992 - 2002
Helena Grossi Lisa Axelsson1992 - 1993
Ingar Sigvardsdotter Jessica Strömberg2000
Ingela Olsson Gisela Kunze1993
Helena af Sandeberg Louise Calling1997-1998
Jessica Liedberg Stina Björklund2002
Johannes Brost Torbjörn "Joker" Jonasson1992 - 2002
Annmari Kastrup Anki Jonasson1996-1998
Jonas Bergström Haakon Andersson1993
Josephine Bornebusch Madeleine Boisse de Blaque1999
Kaija Kärkinen Pirjo Koskinen1992, 1994
Karin Bjurström Jeanette Wester1996 - 1998
Karl Dyall Emilio Bolivar1994 - 1995
Kim Anderzon Siv Svensson1994 - 1996, 2002
Krister Henriksson Björn Lindman1992 - 1993, 2002
Lars Lind Anders Moberg1999 - 2000
Lennart R. Svensson Tom Hansson1992
Linda Lundmark Eva-Lotta2001 - 2002
Linus Wahlgren Filip "FN" Norberg1996 - 1999
Lo Wahl Karin "KåKå" Karlsson1993 - 1995
Lotta Ramel Diana Nordin1995
Magnus Roosmann Fredrik Westberg1999
Malin Berghagen Nilsson Paula Svensson1994, 2002
Marie Chantal-Long Irina Gornitzka-Jonasson1992, 1993 -1994
Martin Forsström Felix Svensson1995 - 1997
Meg Westergren Desirée Lindman1994 - 1995
Mikael Persbrandt Ola Simonsson1992 - 1993, 1994
Minna Treutiger Tilda Lyksell2001
My Bodell Elin Hagberg1995 - 1996
Ola Forssmed Micki Sandell1996 - 2002
Per Graffman Joe Gardner2000 - 2001
Per Holmberg Henrik Bjurhed1992 - 1996, 2002
Per Morberg Viggo Strieber1994 - 1995
Per Myrberg Robert Boisse de Blaque1999, 2000
Peter Harryson Pehr Silver1994 - 1997, 2000, 2002
Peter Perski Magnus Glantz2001 - 2002
Yvonne Schaloske Vera Bengtsson1996, 1997 - 2002
Gerhard Hoberstorfer Tor "Totte" Bengtsson1997 - 1998, 2002
Ray Jones IV Jesper Haglund1999 - 2001
Regina Lund Mona Kjellgren1994 - 1995, 2001
Rikard Bergqvist Stefan Holmberg2000-2002
Sten Ljunggren Torkel Jonasson1993-2001
Stina Rautelin Andrea Melin1998 - 2000
Therese Akraka Bella Lindgren1996 - 1997, 2000
Thomas Hellberg Georg Lager1995 - 1998
Tom Deutgen Jan-Erik "Janke" Nilsson1992, 1994
Yngve Gåsøy Erik Mattson1996-1997
Yvonne Lombard Sonja Jonasson1993-2001
Mats Långbacka Olof Hammar2000
Gösta Krantz Hans Schneider1996-1997
Åke Lindman Torsten Jansson1998 - 1999

On 1 April 2018, the Swedish Star Trek fansite "Star Trek databas" announced, as an April Fool, that CBS had confirmed the series to be set in the same primary fictional universe as Star Trek, and that because of the major costs for a space opera series, the setting was instead changed to a seafaring ship on Earth. [2]

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