Reluctant Heroes

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Reluctant Heroes
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Directed by Jack Raymond
Written by Colin Morris
Based onthe play Reluctant Heroes by Colin Morris
Produced byHenry Halstead (as Henry Halsted)
Cinematography James Wilson
Edited byHelen Wiggins
Music byTony Lowry
Henry Halstead Productions (as Byron Films)
Distributed by Associated British-Pathé (UK)
Release date
Running time
80 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Reluctant Heroes is a 1951 British comedy filmed in Technicolor. It is based on the farce by Colin Morris. Directed by Jack Raymond, it stars Ronald Shiner as Sergeant Bell. [1] [2] It was produced by Henry Halsted and Byron Film. The play, which had premiered at the Whitehall Theatre the previous year, was the first of the Brian Rix company's Whitehall farces. [3]


Plot summary

This comedy is set in an army boot camp. It displays a drill sergeant who must somehow turn an inept group of recruits into real soldiers.



Box office

The film is listed in the 12 most popular films at the British box-office in 1952, in an article in the Sydney Sunday Herald that cited Ronald Shiner as the UK's favourite film star of the year. [4] [5]

Brian Rix asserts in his autobiography that it was the UK's top box office film of the year. [6]

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