Richard Pryor: Live in Concert

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Richard Pryor: Live in Concert
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Directed byJeff Margolis [1]
Written by Richard Pryor
Produced by Stephen Blauner
Hillard Elkins
Del Jack
William Sargent Jr.
J. Mark Travis
StarringRichard Pryor
CinematographyTom Schamp
Edited byDaniel J. Johnson
Ken Johnson
Steve Livingston
Music by Patti LaBelle
Elkins Entertainment
SEE Theater Network
Distributed bySpecial Event Entertainment
Release date
January 1979
Running time
78 minutes [1]
Budget$750,000 [2]
Box office$15.8 million [3]

Richard Pryor: Live in Concert is a 1979 American stand-up comedy film starring Richard Pryor and directed by Jeff Margolis. [1]



The film was shot at the Terrace Theatre in Long Beach, California [1] on December 10, 1978. It was produced and distributed independently, and was the first full-length feature movie consisting of only stand-up comedy. [4] The double album Wanted: Live in Concert was recorded at other dates during the same tour, and features much of the same material included in the film.[ citation needed ]


Richard Pryor National Society of Film Critics Best Actor (5th place)
(tied with Klaus Kinski for Nosferatu the Vampyre and Roy Scheider for All That Jazz )
Nominated [5]

Reception and legacy

In her review of Richard Pryor Live in Concert, Pauline Kael commented, "Probably the greatest of all recorded-performance films. Pryor had characters and voices bursting out of him .... Watching this mysteriously original physical comedian you can't account for his gift and everything he does seems to be for the first time." [6] Eddie Murphy has called it "the single greatest stand-up performance ever captured on film." [7]

In 2021, the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant". [8]

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