Craps (After Hours)

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Craps (After Hours)
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Live album by
VenueRedd Foxx Club, Hollywood, California
Genre Comedy
Label Laff
Producer David Drozen
Richard Pryor chronology
Richard Pryor
Craps (After Hours)
That Nigger's Crazy

Craps (After Hours) is the second album by American comedian Richard Pryor, released in 1971 on the Laff Records label. It was released during the comedian's transitional period from a middlebrow "Cosbyized" comic into a more improvisational, socially conscious, controversial brand of raw humor that Pryor would help to pioneer during the 1970s. Several monologues from the album were repeated for Pryor's debut concert film, Live & Smokin' , although that film would be held from release until 1985 as a VHS videotape. Recorded at Redd Foxx's club in Hollywood, Pryor is introduced by the emcee as "the crown prince of comedy". [1]

For some unknown reason, possibly a mix up at the record producer, some LP's were pressed with a comic referred to as Hotshot Hogan on the B-side.

Side two of this album was later re-released in a split LP with Redd Foxx, "Pryor Goes Foxx Hunting" (Laff A170). [2]

Track listing

  1. "Gettin' High"
  2. "Fuck From Memory"
  3. "Big Tits"
  4. "Gettin' Some"
  5. "The President" (later reissues as "President Nixon")
  6. "Tryin' to Get Some"
  7. "Cool"
  8. "Cops/The Line-Up"
  9. "Masturbating"
  10. "Religion"
  11. "Black Preachers"
  12. "Being Born"
  13. "Blow Our Image"
  14. "Blackjack"
  15. "I Spy Cops"
  16. "Sugar Ray"
  17. "White Folks"
  18. "Indians"
  19. "Ass Wupin'"
  20. "Got a Dollar"
  21. "Pres' Black Baby"
  22. "Dope/Wino/Panthers"
  23. "After Hours"
  24. "280 Pound Ass"
  25. "Crap Game"
  26. "Insurance Man"
  27. "Black and Proud"
  28. "Gettin' the Nut"
  29. "Jackin' Off"
  30. "Snappin' Pussy"
  31. "Fartin'" [3]

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<i>Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip</i> (film) 1982 American film

Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip is a 1982 American stand-up comedy film directed by Joe Layton. The film stars and produced by Richard Pryor, who also wrote the screenplay with Paul Mooney. The film is released alongside Pryor's album of the same name in 1982, and was the most financially lucrative of the comedian's concert films. The material includes Pryor's frank discussion of his drug addiction and of the night that he caught on fire while freebasing cocaine in 1980.

Lashonda Lester was an American stand-up comedian from Austin, Texas. Her posthumous debut album, Shondee Superstar, was released by Dan Schlissel's Stand Up! Records in 2019, and was critically praised. John-Michael Bond of Paste magazine called her "a rare talent with a preternatural gift for razor-sharp storytelling." Marc Maron called her a "funny, authentic, hard-working comic who had her own voice. ... That’s an honest comic. The best kind."


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