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Romantic Circles
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Academic website
Available inEnglish
Headquarters College Park, Maryland
Owner University of Colorado, Boulder
Created byNeil Fraistat, Steven E. Jones, Donald Reiman, Carl Stahmer
EditorPaul Youngquist and Orrin N.C. Wang
Launched1996;24 years ago (1996)

Romantic Circles is an academic peer-reviewed website dedicated to the study of Romantic literature and culture, featuring online editions of many texts of the Romantic era, as well as essays devoted to Romantic literature, culture, and theory.


Romantic Circles is published by the University of Colorado, Boulder and supported, in part, by the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH), and the English Departments of Loyola University of Chicago and the University of Maryland. [1]


Romantic Circles was officially launched in November 1996 by general editors Neil Fraistat, Steven E. Jones, Donald Reiman, and Carl Stahmer.


Of its core peer-reviewed content, Romantic Circles, as of March 2015, housed 38 critically edited electronic editions of literary works, 56 volumes of criticism in its Praxis Series, 5 volumes in its Romantic Pedagogy Commons series, 22 research resources in its Scholarly Resources section, and a section of 275 digitally curated images associated with the Romantic era in The Gallery. [2]

The site is broken up into several main sections:


Current general editors

Related Research Articles

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Noah Comet is a professor of English literature at the United States Naval Academy. He specializes in Nineteenth Century British Literature. He is known for his book called Hellenism and Romantic Women Writers from Macmillan Press and several scholarly articles, among them essays in The Wordsworth Circle and the Keats-Shelley Journal on poets Letitia Landon and Felicia Hemans, and articles on John Keats and Lord Byron, including a prize-winning 2016 essay on Byron's influence on early explorations of Yellowstone. He has also written essays on nature and ecotourism for the New York Times, the Denver Post, and the Baltimore Sun.

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<i>Epipsychidion</i> poem by Percy Shelley

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Jeffrey N. Cox American academic

Jeffrey N. Cox is Vice Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs at the University of Colorado at Boulder where he is also an Arts and Sciences Professor of Distinction in English Literature and Humanities. He is the author or editor of nine books and more than forty scholarly articles. Cox specializes in English and European Romanticism, cultural theory, and cultural studies. He is a leading scholar of late eighteenth- to early nineteenth-century drama and theater and of the Cockney School of poets, which included, among others, John Keats, Percy Shelley, and Leigh Hunt.

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The William Blake Archive is a digital humanities project first created in 1996. The project is sponsored by the Library of Congress and supported by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Inspired by the Rossetti Archive, the archive provides digital reproductions of the various works of William Blake, a prominent Romantic-period poet, artist, and engraver, alongside annotation, commentary and scholarly materials related to Blake.

Ashton Nichols is the Walter E. Beach ’56 Distinguished Chair Emeritus in Sustainable Studies and Professor of English Language and Literature Emeritus at Dickinson College. His interests are in literature, contemporary ecocriticism, Romanticism, and nature writing. Nichols taught courses in Romanticism, 19th century literature, literature and the environment, and nature writing. He is especially well-known for his study of James Joyce's literary concept of "epiphany,” his definition of Romantic natural histories, and his coinage of the phrase "Urbanatural roosting," an idea which links urban with natural modes of existence and argues for ways of living more lightly on the earth, for inhabiting our planet the way animals do, by altering our environments without harming those same environments.

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