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Rysher Entertainment, Inc.
Type Subsidiary
FateShut down by Cox Broadcasting. Assets owned by Vine Alternative Investments. Film library is distributed by Paramount Pictures and television series were distributed by CBS Television Distribution
Predecessor Bing Crosby Productions
SuccessorVine Alternative Investments
Founded1945;76 years ago (1945) (as Bing Crosby Productions)
Founder Keith Samples
Defunct1999;22 years ago (1999) (Original)
Owner Cox Enterprises (1993–1999)

Rysher Entertainment, Inc. was an American film and television production company and distributor. It has the roots dating back to 1949 as Bing Crosby Productions, and was best known for the sitcom Hogan's Heroes and the medical drama Ben Casey . BCP was acquired by Cox Enterprises.


Keith Samples re-established the company in April 1991, [1] as an independent company, whose sole product had been the distribution of the series Saved By The Bell (at the time, NBC couldn't distribute it in syndication due to fin-syn rules). While airing California Dreams , Rysher merged with Al Masini's Television Program Enterprises to form Rysher TPE, its alternate name used from 1993 to 1994. Through it, they produced and distributed shows, such as Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (renamed Lifestyles with Robin Leach and Shari Belafonte for the final season) and Star Search . Later, they produced and distributed George & Alana . The company branched out into feature films, and in the span of three years had produced over two dozens. In May 1995, Rysher entered into a five-film domestic distribution arrangement with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The company closed the film unit due to under-performing box office sales in July 1997. [2] In 1998, Rysher collaborated with HBO to distribute some of the series outside of the United States, including Arli$$ , Oz and Sex and the City . The company was closed in 1999 after Viacom entered an agreement with Cox Enterprises, allowing Paramount Pictures and its television unit to handle distribution rights. [3] The company's library is incorporated into the one for CBS Television Distribution and Paramount Pictures (except The Opposite of Sex). The company's films and series included Hogan's Heroes (whose partial rights are held by CBS), Ben Casey, Walking Tall , Nash Bridges (continued by CBS Television Studios), Highlander: The Series , Kingpin , and Big Night .

The company's assets were acquired by 2929 Entertainment in 2001. They were bought by Qualia Capital, LLC. in 2006, and were merged with Gaylord Films and Pandora Entertainment. The combined entity became known as Qualia Libraries Co. and the brand name served as a limited partnership. In 2011, Qualia Libraries Co. was acquired by affiliates of Vine Alternative Investments which were integrated into Lakeshore Entertainment in 2015. [4] Vine acquired Lakeshore's library and international sales operations in November 2019. Viacom merged with CBS, under the name ViacomCBS, as a single distribution company in December.

Television programs

Feature films

Release dateTitleCo-ProducerDistributor
April 28, 1995 Destiny Turns on the Radio Savoy Pictures
October 27, 1995 Three Wishes Savoy Pictures
November 17, 1995 It Takes Two Dualstar Productions Warner Bros. Pictures
January 20, 1996 Hard Eight Green ParrotThe Samuel Goldwyn Company
April 3, 1996 Primal Fear Paramount Pictures
July 26, 1996 Kingpin Motion Picture Corporation of America Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
August 9, 1996 Escape from L.A. Paramount Pictures
August 7, 1996 House Arrest Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
August 23, 1996 Foxfire Chestnut Hills Productions/Red Mullet Productions The Samuel Goldwyn Company
November 1, 1996 Dear God Paramount Pictures
December 25, 1996 The Evening Star Paramount Pictures
September 26, 1996 Big Night Timpano ProductionsThe Samuel Goldwyn Company
September 27, 1996 2 Days in the Valley Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
January 10, 1997 Turbulence Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
January 24, 1997 Zeus and Roxanne Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
March 7, 1997 Private Parts Paramount Pictures
April 4, 1997 The Saint Mace Neufeld ProductionsParamount Pictures
August 22, 1997 A Smile Like Yours Paramount Pictures
October 3, 1997 Kiss the Girls Paramount Pictures
October 31, 1997 Switchback Pacific Western ProductionsParamount Pictures
May 22, 1998 The Opposite of Sex Sony Pictures Classics

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