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Syn og Segn
Editor Knut Aastad Bråten (2014-present)
Former editors
Editor (period)

Rasmus Flo and
Arne Garborg (1894-1900)
Rasmus Flo,
Arne Garborg and
Halvdan Koht (1901-1906)
Halvdan Koht (1907-1908)
Olav Midttun (1908-1960)
Magne Skodvin (1951-1959)
Bjarte Birkeland (1960-1968)
Berge Furre (1967-1972)
Bjarne Fidjestøl (1969-1973)
Andreas Skartveit (1972-1978)
Sverre Tusvik (1977-1980)
Astrid Brekken,
Sigrid Straand and
Jon Tvinnereim (1980-1983)
Ottar Grepstad (1984-1988)
Borghild Gramstad (1989-1882)
Jan Inge Sørbø (1993-1997)
Nils Rune Langeland (1998-2002)
Marit Eikemo and
Hilde Sandvik (2003-2006)
Bente Riise (20062013)


Categories culture, politics
Frequency4 issues per year
Publisher Det Norske Samlaget
Year founded1894
Country Norway
Based inOslo
Language Norwegian Nynorsk

Syn og Segn is a Norwegian quarterly cultural and political periodical published in Oslo, Norway. [1]

History and profile

Syn og Segn was founded in 1894, and Rasmus Flo and Arne Garborg were the first editors. [2] The magazine is published in Nynorsk quarterly [3] by Det Norske Samlaget, and has been important for the development of the Nynorsk as a cultural language. Olav Midttun was the editor-in-chief for over fifty years, from 1908 to 1960. Fagernes-based Knut Aastad Bråten has edited the magazine since 2014; succeeding Bente Riise who had served in the post since 2006.

The number of subscribers was largest in the 1960s when it reached about 13,000. In 2004 the number of subscribers was about 2,500. [4] The circulation in 2004 was about 3,100.

In 2010 the magazine was named "Periodical of the Year" in Norway by the Norwegian Association of Journals. [5]

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Johannes Aanderaa was a Norwegian librarian, theatre critic, publisher and civil servant. He was a theatre critic for the magazine Syn og Segn. He worked for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation from 1954 to 1958. He chaired the publishing house Det Norske Samlaget from 1958 to 1972. He was a civil servant in the Ministry of Church and Education from 1972, later Ministry of Cultural and Scientific Affairs, and a central person in the shaping of Norwegian cultural and educational policy.

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