TQ (singer)

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Born (1976-05-24) May 24, 1976 (age 46)
Origin Compton, California, United States
Genres R&B
Occupation(s)Singer, songwriter, producer
Years active1990–present
Website www.therealtq.com

Terrance Quaites (born May 24, 1976), known professionally as TQ, is an American R&B singer. He is best known for his hit song "Westside", which became a top 40 hit in several countries in 1998.




TQ began his music career in the early 1990s with the R&B group Coming of Age, who had a hit with the ballad "Coming Home to Love". After two album releases, Coming of Age in September 1993 [1] and Comin' Correct in May 1995, [2] the group went their separate ways.

The summer of 1998 saw TQ notch his first hit with "Westside". [3] Later that year, on November 10, the album They Never Saw Me Coming was released, [4] along with the single "Bye Bye Baby", and "Better Days", which followed the next year.

In 2000, TQ released his second album, The Second Coming . [5] The album was never released in America but was released in other parts of the world. The UK release had a different track listing to the European release. Although the album was not released in America, the American version yet again had a different track listing. TQ eventually digitally released bonus tracks from the album in May 2008. [6] This included songs missing from previous versions.

He recorded a hit song, "Let's Get Back to Bed – Boy!", with the German pop singer Sarah Connor, and starred with her in a music video in which they made love. [7]

He left Sony and joined Cash Money Records around 2002. With them, he recorded various songs with artists such as Lil Wayne, [8] Big Tymers, [9] [10] Hot Boys, [11] and Baby. [3] He also recorded his own album, Gemini , but it was never officially released. TQ released this himself via digital means on June 16, 2009. [12]

He released a new album, Listen , in 2004. [13] In 2007, TQ was featured on a single from the debut album of Iranian-Canadian rapper Imaan Faith.

TQ's song Paradise was released on April 29, 2008. This was followed by the Paradise album on June 30, 2009. [14]

On March 23, 2009, TQ released the S.E.X.Y. EP on iTunes. It was made available on CD on June 30. [15] The EP consists of previously unheard TQ material.

TQ released his next album, titled Kind of Blue , on March 23, 2010. [16] [17] TQ recorded the Michael Jackson song Dirty Diana for the album. [18]

After a European tour in summer 2010, he co-wrote and recorded "Uh Oh", a pop duet with the British singer-songwriter, Danielle Senior. It was released April 2011. Remixes of "Uh Oh" included the classic soul version by CBKS.

On February 12, 2013, TQ released Legendary , as the follow-up album to Kind of Blue. [19]

TQ released The BAEList – Vol 1 EP on January 12, 2016. It is aimed at his female fans. [20]

TQ's album Coming Home was released on August 11, 2017. [21]

Personal life

TQ was born in Mobile, Alabama, on May 24, 1976, but soon moved with his family to Compton, California. At the age of 16, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia. He has a sister. He has an older son, Rashaun, and a younger son, Tylon. Tylon has a YouTube channel. [22]



List of albums, with selected chart positions
TitleYearChart positions
They Never Saw Me Coming 1998122502716594527
The Second Coming 200030187432
Paradise 2008
S.E.X.Y. (EP)2009
Kind of Blue2010
The BAEList – Vol 12016
Coming Home2017


List of singles, with selected chart positions
TitleYearChart positionsAlbum
"Westside"199812102985310144They Never Saw Me Coming
"Bye Bye Baby"47336136167
"Better Days"1999888832
"Summertime" (with Another Level)247Nexus
"Daily"20003123387714The Second Coming
"Ride On" / "Superbitches"
"Let's Get Back to Bed – Boy!" (with Sarah Connor)200159216 Green Eyed Soul
"Keep It on the Low"2004
"Right On"Listen
"Tear This Bitch Up"2005Listen (UK version)
"Crockett's Theme" (with Jan Hammer and Phillipe)200652

Other songs and collaborations

1994"Compton Long Beach Style"
(Coming Of Age)
Compton Long Beach Style EP
1997"Gotta Git Mine"
(RBL Posse feat TQ, MC Eiht & Tela)
An Eye for an Eye (RBL Posse)
1999"Get Away"
(TQ feat Krayzie Bone)
Blue Streak OST
1999"Come See Me"
Trippin' OST
1999"For All My Hustlers"
(TQ featuring Live Luciano)
South Coast Ballers
1999"Imagine That"
(CJ Mac featuring TQ and Mack 10)
Platinum Game (CJ Mac)
(feat. TQ)
Nexus (Another Level)
2000"Gotta Git Mine"
(RBL Posse featuring TQ, MC Eiht & Tela)
Bootlegs & Bay Shit: The Resume (RBL Posse)
2000"I Got to Go"
Baller Blockin' Soundtrack
2000"Get Paid"
(TQ and Outlawz)
Ride wit Us or Collide wit Us (Outlawz)
(Shade Sheist featuring TQ)
Damizza Presents Where I Wanna Be
2000"Used To"
Damizza Presents Where I Wanna Be
2001"All of My Life"
Urban Renewal: The Songs of Phil Collins
2001"Take Me with You"
(Pnutt featuring TQ and Shade Sheist)
Blazin' Soundtrack
2001"Life of a G"
(Vandalz featuring TQ)
Thug Lifestyles Soundtrack
2001"My Life"
(Juvenile featuring TQ)
Project English (Juvenile)
2002"Day in the Life "
(TQ featuring C-Bo and Vantanni)
Platinum Plaques Soundtrack
2002"Somebody's Watching Me"
(TQ featuring Yukmouth, Lurch and CPO)
Platinum Plaques Soundtrack
2002"Baby (Bye Bye Baby Remix)"
Platinum Plaques Soundtrack
2002"Da Man"
(Big Tymers featuring TQ and Trick Daddy)
Hood Rich (Big Tymers)
2002"Gimme Some"
(Big Tymers featuring TQ and Barewolf)
Hood Rich (Big Tymers)
2002"I'm Comin'"
(Big Tymers featuring TQ, Mickey, Gilly and Jazze Pha)
Hood Rich (Big Tymers)
2002"Sunny Day"
(Big Tymers featuring TQ, Gotti and Mikkey)
Hood Rich(Big Tymers)
2002"Way of Life"
(Lil Wayne featuring TQ)
500 Degreez (Lil Wayne)
2002"Pop Yo Colla"
(Caz featuring TQ)
Goin Head Up (Caz)
2002"I Remember"
(TQ featuring Jagged Edge)
Like Mike Soundtrack
2002"Life as a Gangsta"
(Mack 10 and Cash Money Millionaires)
Mack 10 Presents da Hood
2002"Bigger Business"
(Swizz Beats featuring TQ)
Swizz Beatz Presents Ghetto Stories
2002"Think About You (Looking Through the Window)"
Undisputed Soundtrack
2002"Keep On"
Major Work Soundtrack
2002"Day in the Life"
(TQ featuring C-Bo and Vantanni)
Major Work Soundtrack
2002"Let's Get Back to Bed -Boy!"
(Sarah Connor featuring TQ)
Green Eyed Soul (Sarah Connor)
2002"Can't Get None"
(Sarah Connor featuring TQ)
Green Eyed Soul (Sarah Connor)
2002"Magic Ride (Whatever U Wish 4)"
(Sarah Connor featuring TQ)
Green Eyed Soul (Sarah Connor)
2002"Fly Away"
(Baby featuring TQ)
Birdman (Baby Aka No. 1 Stunna)
2002"Ghetto Life"
(Baby featuring TQ, Lil Wayne and Cam'Ron)
Birdman (Baby Aka No. 1 Stunna)
2002"How It Be"
(Baby featuring TQ and Jermaine Dupri)
Birdman (Baby Aka No. 1 Stunna)
2002"Ice Cold"
(Baby featuring TQ and Jazze Pha)
Birdman (Baby Aka No. 1 Stunna)
2002"Keeps Spinnin'"
(Baby featuring TQ and others)
Birdman (Baby Aka No. 1 Stunna)
2002"Hustlas, Pimps and Thugs"
(Baby featuring TQ and others)
Birdman (Baby Aka No. 1 Stunna)
2003"Gangsta Nigga"
(Hot Boys featuring TQ)
Let 'Em Burn (Hot Boys)
2003"Baby Girl"
(Boo and Gotti featuring TQ)
Perfect Timing (Boo and Gotti)
2003"We Can Smoke"
(Big Tymers featuring TQ)
Big Money Heavyweight (Big Tymers)
2003"Against the Wall"
(Big Tymers featuring TQ)
Big Money Heavyweight (Big Tymers)
2003"To Be Played"
(Big Tymers featuring TQ)
Big Money Heavyweight (Big Tymers)
2004"Did You Miss Me?"
(Petey Pablo featuring TQ and Baby)
Still Writing in My Diary: 2nd Entry (Petey Pablo)
2004"I'm a Ryder"
(Drag-On featuring TQ and Baby)
Hell and Back (Drag-On)
2004"Love Is Color Blind"
(Sarah Connor featuring TQ)
Key to My Soul (Sarah Connor)
2004"Hasta la Vista!"
(Sarah Connor featuring TQ)
Key to My Soul (Sarah Connor)
2004"Are U Ready to Ride?"
(Sarah Connor featuring TQ)
Key to My Soul (Sarah Connor)
(Soul Crew featuring TQ)
(Outlawz featuring TQ)
Outlaw 4 Life: 2005 A.P. (Outlawz)
2006"Crockett's Theme"
(Jan Hammer Project featuring TQ)
Crockett's Theme: Jan Hammer Project Feat TQ (CD Single)
2007"What About U"
(Ultra DJs featuring TQ)
various house/promo albums
2007"How I Get By"
(T-Hud featuring TQ)
Undrafted (T-Hud)
2007"Turn U Out"
(Merc Squad featuring TQ)
forthcoming LA Griff album
2007"The Bar"
(Imaan Faith featuring TQ)
Let the Truth Be Known (Imaan Faith)
2009"Bad Enough"
(Redzz featuring Shade Sheist, TQ and Young Noble of 2Pac's Outlawz)
Produced by Redzz
2009"Private Club"
(The Dope Enemy featuring TQ, Shade Sheist and Mams Taylor)
Aka DJ Fricktion
2009"Rockit Girl"
(Shizzio featuring TQ)
Produced by DJ Fricktion a.k.a. The Dope Enemy
2011"UH OH"
(TQ VS Danielle Senior)
Produced by Matt Qualifide (Suite Recordings/Universal)
2011"UH OH" the Classic Soul Version
(TQ VS Danielle Senior)
Produced by CBKS (Suite Recordings/Universal)
(G.No a.k.a. The Latin Bird featuring TQ)
Produced by G.No & P.R (Gardelino.com)
2013"Touch The Sky"
(SpaceBoyz featuring TQ & Static)
Produced by Static [32]


2006Rockin' MeeraRock
Richard III DJ
The Devil's Grind
2007A Father's Love
The Black

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