The Flamingo Rising

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The Flamingo Rising
The flamingo rising.jpg
Movie cover
Directed by Martha Coolidge
Produced by Brent Shields
Robert Bennett Steinhauer
Richard Welsh
Written by Larry Baker
Richard Russo
Starring William Hurt
Elizabeth McGovern
Brian Benben
Christopher Larkin
Music by David Newman
Distributed by CBS
Release date
  • February 4, 2001 (2001-02-04)
Running time
94 minutes
Language English

The Flamingo Rising is a 2001 dramatic film in the Hallmark Hall of Fame released on television in 2001, and based on the novel The Flamingo Rising written by Larry Baker in 1997. The movie stars Christopher Larkin, William Hurt, Elizabeth McGovern, and Brian Benben. The movie focuses on the feud between a funeral parlor owner and a man who wants to set up a large drive-in theatre across the street from the parlor. Former In the Heat of the Night star Randall Franks returned to CBS, which aired the film, in the cameo role of "Officer Randy Kraft."

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