The Knickerbocker Buckaroo

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The Knickerbocker Buckaroo
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Theatrical poster to The Knickerbocker Buckaroo
Directed by Albert Parker
Arthur Rosson (asst. director)
Story byElton Thomas
Joseph Henabery
Frank Condon
Ted Reed
Produced by Douglas Fairbanks
StarringDouglas Fairbanks
CinematographyHugh McClung
Glen MacWilliams
Famous Players-Lasky/Artcraft Pictures Corporation
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date
  • May 18, 1919 (1919-05-18)
Running time
77 minutes
CountryUnited States
Languages Silent
English intertitles

The Knickerbocker Buckaroo is a 1919 American silent Western/romantic comedy film directed by Albert Parker and starring Douglas Fairbanks, who also wrote (under the pseudonym Elton Thomas) and produced the film. [1] The Knickerbocker Buckaroo is now considered lost. [2] [3]



Fairbanks plays a hedonistic New York City aristocrat who tries to change his selfish ways by heading to Sonora, Texas to carry out a campaign of altruism. Along the way, he is mistaken for a Mexican bandit and is pursued by a corrupt sheriff who is in pursuit of the bandit's hidden fortune. [1] [4]

Production background

The Knickerbocker Buckaroo was Fairbanks' last film under his contract with Paramount Pictures. After this production, he worked exclusively at United Artists, a company he co-founded in 1919 with Mary Pickford, Charles Chaplin, and D. W. Griffith.


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