The Man from Chicago

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The Man from Chicago is a 1931 British crime film directed by Walter Summers and starring Bernard Nedell, Dodo Watts, Joyce Kennedy and Austin Trevor. [1] The screenplay concerns an American gangster who moves to Britain and begins to take on the British criminal underworld. [2]



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Austin Trevor Northern Irish actor

Claude Austin Trevor Schilsky was a Northern Irish actor who had a long career in film and television.

Bernard Jay Nedell was an American film actor. He appeared in 50 films between 1916 and 1972. He was born in New York, New York and died in Hollywood, California. He was married to actress Olive Blakeney.

Call of the Sea is a 1930 British adventure film directed by Leslie S Hiscott.

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Royal Cavalcade, also known as Regal Cavalcade, is a 1935 British, black-and-white, drama film directed by six separate directors: Thomas Bentley, Herbert Brenon, Norman Lee, Walter Summers, W.P. Kellino and Marcel Varnel. The film features Marie Lohr, Hermione Baddeley, Owen Nares, Robert Hale, Austin Trevor, James Carew, Edward Chapman and Ronald Shiner as the Soldier in Trenches. The film was presented by Associated British Pictures Corporation.

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Shadows is a 1931 British crime film directed by Alexander Esway and starring Jacqueline Logan, Bernard Nedell and Gordon Harker. The screenplay involves the estranged son of a newspaper owner, who returns to his father's good favour by unmasking a gang of criminals.

Almost a Honeymoon is a 1930 British comedy film directed by Monty Banks and starring Clifford Mollison, Dodo Watts and Donald Calthrop. It was based on the play Almost a Honeymoon by Walter Ellis. A second adaptation was made in 1938. It was made by British International Pictures at their Elstree Studios.

Dodo Watts

Dorothy Margaret Watts (1910–1990), known professionally as Dodo Watts, was a British stage and film actress. She played Fay Eaton in the 1929 Broadway version of Ian Hay's play The Middle Watch, and reprised her role in the 1930 British film version the following year. When her career wound down, she became a business woman, owning a successful millinery firm in London's West End. She was later a casting director, and head of casting for ABC Television ; and largely responsible for casting Diana Rigg in the role of Emma Peel in The Avengers TV series. She later became a theatrical agent.

Almost a Honeymoon is a 1930 play by Walter Ellis. It debuted at the Garrick Theatre in London and later enjoyed a successful run at the Apollo Theatre. A farce it concerns a young man who has secured a lucrative post in the colonial service. His problem is that the post requires him to be married, and he has just a day to find a woman to be his wife.

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The Innocents of Chicago is a 1932 British comedy film directed by Lupino Lane and starring Henry Kendall, Binnie Barnes and Margot Grahame.

Oh Boy! is a 1938 British comedy film directed by Albert de Courville and starring Albert Burdon, Mary Lawson and Bernard Nedell. It was made at Elstree Studios by ABPC. The film's sets were designed by the art director John Mead.

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Those High Grey Walls is a 1939 American film directed by Charles Vidor. A doctor is sent to prison for treating a man wanted by the police.


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