The Secret of Mayerling

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The Secret of Mayerling
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Theatrical film poster
French Le secret de Mayerling
Directed by Jean Delannoy
Written by Jacques Rémy
Jean Delannoy
Philippe Hériat
Produced by Claude Dolbert
Jean Velter
Starring Jean Marais
Dominique Blanchar
Jean Debucourt
Claude Farell
Cinematography Robert Lefebvre
Edited byJames Cuenet
Music by Louis Beydts
Codo Cinéma
Distributed byLes Films Marceau
Release date
  • 7 May 1949 (1949-05-07)
Running time
90 minutes
Box office2,430,628 admissions (France) [1]

The Secret of Mayerling (French: Le secret de Mayerling) is a 1949 French Historical drama film directed by Jean Delannoy and starring Jean Marais, Dominique Blanchar and Jean Debucourt. [2] [3] It set around the 1889 Mayerling Incident when the crown prince of the Austrian Empire was found having apparently committed suicide with his lover.


It was shot at the Epinay Studios with sets designed by the art director Raymond Druart.

It was a commercial success in France and other European countries, including in West Germany where it was released by Constantin Film.


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Mayerling is a small village in Lower Austria belonging to the municipality of Alland in the district of Baden. It is situated on the Schwechat river, in the Wienerwald, 24 kilometres (15 mi) southwest of Vienna. From 1550, it was in the possession of the abbey of Heiligenkreuz.

Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria Crown Prince of Austria

Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria was the only son and third child of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria and Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria. He was heir apparent to the imperial throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire from birth. In 1889, he died in a suicide pact with his mistress Mary Vetsera at the Mayerling hunting lodge. The ensuing scandal made international headlines.

Baroness Mary Vetsera

Marie Alexandrine "Mary" Freiin von Vetsera was an Austrian noblewoman and the mistress of Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria. Vetsera and the crown pince were found dead at his hunting lodge in Mayerling on 30 January 1889, following an apparent murder-suicide, which is known as the Mayerling incident.

Jean Marais French actor, writer, director and sculptor (1913-1998)

Jean-Alfred Villain-Marais, known professionally as Jean Marais, was a French actor, film director, theatre director, painter, sculptor, visual artist, writer and photographer. He performed in over 100 films and was the muse and lover of acclaimed director Jean Cocteau. In 1996, he was awarded the French Legion of Honor for his contributions to French Cinema.

Countess Marie Larisch von Moennich

Countess Marie Louise Larisch von Moennich was the niece and confidante of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. She was a go-between for her married cousin Crown Prince Rudolf and his mistress Baroness Mary Vetsera, a friend of hers. A scandal known as the Mayerling Incident broke in 1889 upon the discovery of the bodies of the two lovers at Rudolf's hunting lodge at Mayerling, Austria. With the revelation of her role in this the Countess was shunned in particular by the Empress and the rest of the Imperial Family. As a consequence she was also snubbed by society. Later in life she was nominally the author of a series of ghostwritten books about the Imperial household.

Mayerling incident Death of Austrian prince Rudolf and his lover Mary von Vetsera

The Mayerling incident is the series of events surrounding the apparent murder–suicide pact of Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria, and his lover, baroness Mary Vetsera. They were found dead on 30 January 1889 in an imperial hunting lodge in Mayerling. Rudolf, who was married to Princess Stéphanie of Belgium, was the only son of Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth, and was heir apparent to the throne of Austria-Hungary.

<i>Mayerling</i> (1968 film) French-British romantic historic film

Mayerling is a 1968 romantic tragedy film starring Omar Sharif, Catherine Deneuve, James Mason, Ava Gardner, Geneviève Page, James Robertson Justice and Andréa Parisy. It was written and directed by Terence Young. The film was made by Les Films Corona and Winchester and distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Mayerling is a village and hunting lodge in Lower Austria.

<i>Mayerling</i> (1936 film) 1936 film by Anatole Litvak

Mayerling is a 1936 French historical drama film directed by Anatole Litvak and produced by Seymour Nebenzal from a screenplay by Marcel Achard, Joseph Kessel, and Irma von Cube, based on the 1930 novel Idyll's End by Claude Anet.

Mayerling (1957 film) 32nd episode of the first season of Producers Showcase

Mayerling is an episode of the American television series Producers' Showcase made for NBC Television, which was aired on 4 February 1957 and released theatrically as a film in Europe.

<i>Rudolf</i> (musical)

Rudolf is a musical conceived for the stage by Frank Wildhorn and Steve Cuden, with a book by Jack Murphy and Phoebe Hwang, lyrics by Murphy, additional lyrics by Nan Knighton, and music by Frank Wildhorn. Arrangements by Koen Schoots and orchestrations by Kim Scharnberg. It is about Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria and his extramarital relationship with Baroness Mary Vetsera. Their 1889 deaths at his Mayerling hunting lodge apparently were the result of a murder-suicide pact, although historians have debated this explanation.

<i>Mayerling</i> (ballet) Ballet by Kenneth MacMillan

Mayerling is a ballet choreographed by Kenneth MacMillan to the music of Franz Liszt, arranged by John Lanchbery, scenario by Gillian Freeman and designed by Nicholas Georgiadis. The ballet is based on the Mayerling incident, a series of events surrounding the apparent murder–suicide of Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria and his lover, Baroness Mary Vetsera. The ballet premiered on 14 February 1978, at the Royal Opera House, danced by The Royal Ballet, with David Wall as Prince Rudolf and Lynn Seymour as Vetsera.

<i>Tragedy in the House of Habsburg</i> 1924 film

Tragedy in the House of Habsburg is a 1924 German silent historical film directed by Alexander Korda and starring María Corda, Kálmán Zátony and Emil Fenyvessy. The film recounts the events of the 1889 Mayerling Incident in which the heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire committed suicide. Studio filming was done in Berlin with location shooting in Vienna. The film cost $80,000 to make, but only earned back around half of this at the box office.

Mizzi Kaspar Austrian actress and mistress of prince Rudolf

Mizzi Kaspar, or Mitzi Kaspar, was an Austrian actress and the royal mistress of Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria.

<i>The Masque of Kings</i>

The Masque of Kings is a 1937 three-act drama written by Maxwell Anderson. It was produced on Broadway by the Theatre Guild and directed by Philip Moeller. Lee Simonson created the scenic and costume design. It ran for 89 performances from February 8, 1937 - April 24, 1937 at the Shubert Theatre.

<i>Sarajevo</i> (1940 French film) 1940 film

Sarajevo is a 1940 French historical drama film directed by Max Ophüls and starring Edwige Feuillère, John Lodge and Aimé Clariond. Beginning in the aftermath of the Mayerling Incident, the film portrays the love affair and marriage between Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg, leading up to their eventual assassination in 1914 in events that triggered the First World War. The film was not a commercial or critical success. Following the German occupation of France the film was banned, and Ophüls fled into exile for the second time.

<i>Crown Prince Rudolphs Last Love</i> (1955 film) 1956 Austrian film

Crown Prince Rudolph's Last Love is a 1955 Austrian historical drama film directed by Rudolf Jugert and starring Rudolf Prack, Christiane Hörbiger and Winnie Markus. The film portrays the tragic 1889 Mayerling Incident, in which Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria and his lover Baroness Mary Vetsera committed suicide.

<i>The Fate of the House of Habsburg</i> 1928 film

The Fate of the House of Habsburg is a 1928 German silent drama film directed by Rolf Raffé and starring Fritz Spira, Alfons Fryland, and Leni Riefenstahl. It is based on the Mayerling incident of 1889, wherein a Crown Prince of Austria killed his mistress and himself.

<i>The Crown Prince</i> (2006 film) 2006 television film directed by Robert Dornhelm

The Crown Prince is an Austrian-German-French-Italian television film from 2006 and deals with the last ten years of the life of the Austrian Crown Prince Rudolf von Habsburg.


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