The World's Famous Supreme Team

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The World's Famous Supreme Team
Origin New York City, U.S.
Genres Hip hop
Years active1979–1991
Labels Island, Virgin
Associated acts Malcolm McLaren, Art of Noise

The World's Famous Supreme Team was an American hip hop radio show crew and recording group from the early 1980s. Members included See Divine the Mastermind and Just Allah the Superstar (now known as JazzyJust the Superstar), among others.



Their pioneering radio show started in 1979 on WHBI-FM 105.9 broadcasting from Newark, New Jersey, and featured Mr. Magic before he went on to host the first rap show on a major radio station, The Rap Attack on WBLS. [1] The group rose to international prominence when punk impresario Malcolm McLaren recruited See Devine and Just Allah and samples of their radio show for his surprise hip hop hit, 1982's "Buffalo Gals", and the full album follow-up, Duck Rock (1983).

They are credited as the first hip hop group to incorporate Five Percent teachings and slang into their music, [2] and their appearances on Duck Rock contains the first instances on record – a trait that would become increasingly predominant in the late 1980s and 1990s. The World Famous Supreme Team released their own hit single "Hey DJ" in 1984, which would appear on their only album, Rappin’ (1986). The group reunited with McLaren for the 1990 album, Round the Outside! Round the Outside!.




YearTitlePeak chart positions
US Dance
1982"Buffalo Gals" (with Malcolm McLaren)339
1984"Hey! D.J."241552
"Radio Man"69
1990"Opera House - Aria on Air" (with Malcolm McLaren)75
1991"Romeo and Juliet" (with Malcolm McLaren)
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that territory.

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"Hey! DJ" is a song by The World's Famous Supreme Team. Writing is credited to Larry Price & Ronald Larkins Jr. and it was produced by Stephen Hague. Released on 12" in 1984 on Island Records, there were three mixes included. The song refers with small lyric parts to McLaren & Supreme Team's previous hit, "Buffalo Gals", which the group featured on. "Hey DJ" peaked at number fifteen on the US soul chart.

Buffalo Gals (Malcolm McLaren song) 1982 single by Malcolm McLaren

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Baknaffek 1994 single by Das EFX

"Baknaffek" is a song co-written and performed by American hip hop group Das EFX, issued as the second single from their second studio album Straight Up Sewaside. The song samples "People" by Graham Central Station; "Buffalo Gals" by Malcolm McLaren and the World's Famous Supreme Team; and "Cummin' at Cha" by EPMD. It peaked at #44 on the Billboard rap chart in 1994.

Round the Outside! Round the Outside! is a studio album by English impresario Malcolm McLaren and American hip hop group the World's Famous Supreme Team. It was released in 1990 through Virgin Records.


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