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Thomas Hobbes Scott was an English-born Anglican cleric active in Australia.

Thomas Alison Scott was a member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly.

Thomas Scott was formerly the Assistant Surveyor-General of Tasmania. He was responsible for a significant survey of Tasmania in 1824 which led to the production of the most detailed map of the region, at the time.


Thomas Scott was a judge and political figure in Upper Canada.

Thomas Scott (Manitoba politician) Canadian military figure and politician

Thomas Scott was a Canadian military figure, Manitoba Member of the Legislative Assembly, Member of Parliament and the third Mayor of Winnipeg in the 19th century.

Thomas Scott (Ontario politician) Canadian politician

Thomas Scott was a Canadian political figure. He represented Grey North in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as a Conservative member from 1867 to 1875.

New Zealand

Thomas Scott (1816–1892) was a notable New Zealand police officer, mail carrier, storekeeper, ferryman and hotel-keeper. He was born in Kilconquhar, Fife, Scotland in 1816.

United Kingdom

Thomas Rotherham 15th-century Archbishop of York and Chancellor of England

Thomas Rotherham, also known as Thomas (Scot) de Rotherham, was an English cleric and statesman. He served as bishop of several dioceses, most notably as Archbishop of York and, on two occasions as Lord Chancellor. He is considered a venerable figure in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, his town of birth.

Thomas Scott (died 1594) English Member of Parliament, died 1594

Sir Thomas Scott, of Scot's Hall in Kent, was an English Member of Parliament (MP).

Thomas Scott, of Scot's Hall, Smeeth, Kent, was an English politician.

United States

Thomas Scott was an American lawyer and politician who was born in Chester County in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Thomas Scott (Ohio judge) Clerk of the Ohio State Senate and Ohio Supreme Court Judge

Thomas Scott was Clerk of the Ohio State Senate from 1803 to 1809 and an Ohio Supreme Court Judge from 1809 to 1816.

Thomas Foster Scott was an American archer who competed at the 1904 Summer Olympics. Born in Warren, Ohio, Scott competed in the men's double American round and the men's double York round, but did not win any medals. Scott, who competed in the events at the age of 71 years and 260 days, was the oldest person to compete in an archery event at the Olympics. He died six years later, in Norwood, Ohio. Scott's daughter, Matilda Howell, was also an Olympic archer who won three gold medals.

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