Threshold House

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Threshold House
  • 19872003 (LOCI)
  • 2003present (THRESH & THBKK)
Genre Industrial, Experimental
Country of origin Thailand
(formerly England)
Location Krung Thep
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Threshold House is one of several record labels created by Coil to release their own work and that of affiliated projects. [1] Associated labels include Eskaton [2] and Chalice. [3] It is also the name for the official Coil website.


The label was initially a vanity label of sorts, as all releases were manufactured and distributed by other labels, most prominently World Serpent Distribution. [4] Following the bankruptcy of World Serpent, the label continued independently.

The logo for Threshold House is a castle-like building, possibly what Coil have referred to as "The East Tower" in past interviews, and a moon. It is also very similar to artist recreations of the buildings at Catalhoyuk.

After the death of John Balance [5] [6] and the disbanding of Coil, Peter Christopherson started a solo effort, The Threshold HouseBoys Choir, based on the name Threshold House. [7]



The series of "LOCI" were released when Coil resided in England.

Catalogue numberRelease titleFormatRelease date
LOCI 1 Gold Is the Metal (With the Broadest Shoulders) 12″1987
LOCI S1Themes for Derek Jarman's Blue7″1993
LOCI 2The Wheel7″1987
LOCI CD2 Unnatural History CD1990
LOCI 3 Windowpane 12″1990
LOCI CD4 Stolen & Contaminated Songs CD1992
LOCI 5 How to Destroy Angels (Remixes and Re-Recordings) CD1992
LOCI CD 6 The Angelic Conversation CD1994
LOCI CD 7 Windowpane & the Snow CD1995
LOCI 8[unused]
LOCI 9[unused]
LOCI CD 10 Unnatural History II CD1995
LOCI CD 11Gold Is the Metal (With the Broadest Shoulders)CD1996
LOCI CD 12 Unnatural History III CD1997
LOCI CD 13 Transparent CD1998
LOCI 14 Astral Disaster 12″2000
LOCI CD 14Astral DisasterCD2000
LOCI CD 15 Scatology CD2001
LOCI CD 16 Horse Rotorvator CD2001
LOCI CD 17 Love's Secret Domain CD2001
LOCI CD 18 Live One 2×CD2003
LOCI CD 19 Live Two CD2003
LOCI CD 20Live ThreeCD2003
LOCI CD 21 Live Four CD2003


The "THRESH" and "THBKK" series began with Peter Christopherson's relocation to Bangkok, Thailand. [8]

ArtistCatalogue numberRelease titleFormatRelease date
CoilTHRESH1 ...And the Ambulance Died in His Arms CD4 April 2003
CoilTHRESH2 The Ape of Naples CD2 December 2005
CoilTHRESH2The Ape of Naples2×12″2 December 2005
CoilTHBKK1 The Remote Viewer (remastered edition)2×CD2006 August
CoilTHBKK2 Black Antlers (remastered edition)2×CD2006 August
The Threshold HouseBoys Choir THBKK3 Form Grows Rampant CD + DVD2007
CoilTHBKK4 The New Backwards 12″2008
CoilTHBKK4The New BackwardsCD2008

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Coil (band) English post-industrial band

Coil were an English experimental music group formed in 1982 in London and dissolved in 2005. Initially envisioned as a solo project by musician John Balance, Coil evolved into a full-time project with the addition of his partner Peter Christopherson, formerly of pioneering industrial music group Throbbing Gristle. Coil's work explored themes related to alchemy, the occult, sexuality, surrealism and paganism while influencing artists in genres such as gothic rock, neofolk and dark ambient. AllMusic called the group "one of the most beloved, mythologized groups to emerge from the British post-industrial scene."

Peter Christopherson English musician

Peter Martin Christopherson was an English musician, video director, commercial artist, designer and photographer, and former member of British design agency Hipgnosis.

John Balance English musician and poet (1962–2004)

Geoffrey Nigel Laurence Rushton, better known under the pseudonyms John Balance or the later variation Jhonn Balance, was an English musician, occultist, artist and poet.

Thighpaulsandra Musical artist

Timothy Lewis – best known by the stage name Thighpaulsandra – is a Welsh experimental musician and multi-instrumentalist, known mostly for performing on synthesizers and keyboards. He began his career working with Julian Cope in the late 1980s, becoming a member of Cope's touring band. A collaboration with Cope in 1993 followed, forming the experimental duo Queen Elizabeth. In 1997, former Cope guitarist Mike Mooney invited Thighpaulsandra to fill in for the departing Kate Radley on a Spiritualized tour, and he remained with the band until early 2008. In 1998, Lewis also became a member of the experimental band Coil. He has subsequently released several solo albums under the Thighpaulsandra moniker.

Panic/Tainted Love 1985 single by Coil

"Panic" and "Tainted Love" are songs recorded by British experimental music band Coil. These were released in 1985 through Some Bizzare in the UK and Wax Trax! Records in the US respectively, as the band's first single, and the sole one from their 1984 debut studio album, Scatology. Originally released on twelve-inch vinyl discs, the single was regarded as the first AIDS benefit release, and has been reissued several times on compact discs.

Windowpane (song) 1990 single by Coil

"Windowpane" is a song by British experimental band Coil, from their third studio album, Love's Secret Domain.

The Threshold HouseBoys Choir Musical project by Peter Christopherson

The Threshold HouseBoys Choir was a musical guise for Peter Christopherson, announced in 2005 as a follow up endeavor to his former group Coil. Despite the name, it was a solo project which relied heavily on computer generated vocals, of which he was formally credited as the "director." The name was derived from a play on words, combining the terms houseboy, house of boys, boys' choir, and Threshold House. THBC was stationed in Bangkok, Thailand.

<i>Gold Is the Metal (With the Broadest Shoulders)</i> 1987 studio album by Coil

Gold Is the Metal was the third album released by Coil, in the year 1987. It is not a proper follow-up to 1986's Horse Rotorvator, but more a collection of outtakes and demos from the Scatology, Horse Rotorvator and Hellraiser soundtrack sessions. Some obviously correspond to earlier and later released material, while others do not appear anywhere else. "The Last Rites of Spring" includes a sample by Stravinsky, also used extensively in "The Anal Staircase".

<i>The Ape of Naples</i> 2005 studio album by Coil

The Ape of Naples is the final studio album by English experimental group Coil. It was released on 2 December 2005 in the UK and Thailand by Threshold House, and has subsequently been reissued by multiple labels since. The album was a definitive effort by primary Coil member Peter Christopherson to rework and remix material from 1993 to 2004 into a coherent final record. It was produced and released following the death of co-lead artist and lead vocalist John Balance, who died on 13 November 2004, and the album was released in memory of him.

<i>Coil Presents Time Machines</i> 2000 live album by Coil

Coil Presents Time Machines was a live CD by Coil. This CD was produced in a limited amount of 1,000 copies and was given away with the initial mail orders of Musick to Play in the Dark Vol. 2. The CD is a live performance which took place on 2 April 2000 at the Cornucopia festival in the Royal Festival Hall in London, England. The name of the performance was "Time Machines from the Heart of Darkness". The album was later reissued as "CD A" on Live One in an unaltered form.

<i>The Golden Hare with a Voice of Silver</i> 2002 compilation album by Coil

The Golden Hare with a Voice of Silver is a double compilation album by British experimental music group Coil, released in October 2002 by their vanity label Eskaton and distributed via World Serpent Distribution. It compiles two Russian compilation albums released by Feelee Records in 2001, A Guide for Beginners: The Voice of Silver and A Guide for Finishers: Golden Hair, with the former being disc one and the latter being disc two, respectively.

<i>Moons Milk (In Four Phases)</i> 2002 compilation album by Coil

Moon's Milk is a release by Coil that compiles four of their singles onto a double CD. The two disc album compiles the CD versions of Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. The album also has a live version of "Amethyst Deceivers" hidden at the end of the first disc, following several minutes of silence after "A Warning From The Sun ". This recording of "Amethyst Deceivers" was later released on Live Two, although the Moon's Milk version is a slightly longer edit. The release was given the catalog number ESKATON 023 and features artwork by Steven Stapleton.

<i>Constant Shallowness Leads to Evil</i> 2000 studio album by Coil

Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil is a CD by Coil, released the same year as Queens of the Circulating Library. Like Queens, this album comes packaged in a pink c-shell case.

<i>Megalithomania!</i> 2003 live album by Coil

Megalithomania! is a live album by Coil recorded at their performance at the Megalithomania festival at Conway Hall in London, England. It is limited to a pressing of 230 copies, 123 of which were available in their box set The Key to Joy Is Disobedience.

Nasa-Arab 1994 single by Coil vs. The Eskaton

Nasa-Arab is a 12" single by Coil vs. The Eskaton. The Eskaton, however, is another alias of Coil. Eskaton is also the name of a record label that was run by Coil.

<i>Transparent</i> (Coil album) 1984 studio album by Zos Kia / Coil

Transparent is a collaborative release by the bands Zos Kia and Coil.

Chalice is a defunct Britain vanity record label created by Coil, exclusively for albums put out by the group. Its brother labels are Threshold House and Eskaton.

Eskaton is a defunct vanity record label created by Coil, exclusively for albums put out by the group and their friends. Its brother labels are Threshold House and Chalice.

Danny Hyde is an experimental musician and remix artist. Hyde has contributed to production and mixing on many Coil albums, including Horse Rotorvator, Love's Secret Domain, The Remote Viewer, Black Antlers,The Ape of Naples, and The New Backwards. Hyde has also worked with Psychic TV and Pop Will Eat Itself. Hyde participated in the creation of many remixes while working with Coil, including several for Nine Inch Nails that were released on Fixed, Closer To God and certified gold release Further Down the Spiral as well as the rerelease of quadruple-platinum album The Downward Spiral. His remix of Nine Inch Nails' song "Closer" was featured in the film Seven.

<i>Astral Disaster</i> 1999 studio album by Coil

Astral Disaster is a studio album by Coil, originally released in January 1999 on Acme/Prescription, reissued in 2000 on Threshold House, and then reissued in 2017 through Acme/Prescription.


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