Through the Hill

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Through the Hill
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Studio album by
Released1994-07-08 (Original)

2003-11-25 (Re-Release)

2005-08-30 (Re-Release)
Genre Ambient
Label All Saints Records, Gyroscope (1994)
Hannibal (2005)
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Through the Hill
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Through the Hill is an album composed and performed by Andy Partridge and Harold Budd. [2] [3]

Track listing

1. "Hand 19" – 1:22
2. "Through the Hill" – 4:07
3. "Great Valley of Gongs" – 3:09
4. "Western Island of Apples" – 3:05
5. "Anima Mundi" – 4:46
6. "Hand 20" – 3:02
7. "The Place of Odd Glances" – 3:19
8. "Well for the Sweat of the Moon" – 3:26
9. "Tenochtitlan's Numberless Bridges" – 3:57
10. "Ceramic Avenue" – 5:20
11. "Hand 21" – 1:55
12. "Missing Pieces to the Game of Salt and Onyx" – 6:01
13. "Mantle of Peacock Bones" – 2:09
14. "Bronze Coins Showing Genitals" - 4:20
15. "Bearded Aphrodite" - 2:36
16. "Hand 22" - 2:25
17. "Bruegel" - 2:40

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