Thugs 'n' Kisses

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Thugs 'n' Kisses
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Compilation album by
Various artists
ReleasedSeptember 12, 1995 (1995-09-12)
Label Re-Constriction
Re-Constriction Records V/A chronology
Thugs 'n' Kisses
Re-Constriction 10* Year Anniversary

Thugs 'n' Kisses is a various artists compilation album released on September 12, 1995 by Re-Constriction Records. [1] [2]



Aiding & Abetting reviewed Thugs 'n' Kisses positively and said the album "has tracks from some of the best in the business" and "the result is an almost seamless foray into a nice industrial-techno subgenre." [3] The Alternative Press described it as "sixteen aggressive guitar/synth combinations aimed at frequenters of mosh pits who have little or no regard for their own personal safety." [4] Industrialnation called the collection "a veritable paradise of earthly delights for those who enjoy a more non-standard, anti-four-on-the-floor sound." [5] Sonic Boom called the release "a very solid collection of electrocore bands proving once again that there is more to industrial guitar music than the MTV poster child NIN would lead us to believe." [6] Black Monday credited "Human Waste" as being a highlight of Society Burning's discography and better than any song on their 1996 debut EP Entropy.Lingua . [7]

Track listing

1."Most People Don't Think They're Stupid" (F.W.R.) Penal Colony 3:40
2."Skin" (Guitarless Hate Dept. Mix) 16volt 4:16
3."Come Alive" Apparatus 4:02
4."Visual"Colla Destra3:34
5."Core" Vampire Rodents 3:11
6."Matador" (Thug Mix) Acumen Nation 6:17
7."Lethal Weapon (Introless mix)" (Ice-T cover) SMP 4:31
8."Human Waste" (Hate Dept. Mix) Society Burning 4:26
9."Thin Wall Turmoil" (Meniscus Mix) Tinfed 3:59
10."Bitch" Hate Dept. 3:12
11."Valentine" (Broken Heart '92 Mix) Killing Floor 5:10
12."Mouth Full of Dust" (Edit) Skrew 4:48
13."Palegod" (Raw Version) The Clay People 4:22
14."Chemical Halo" (V. Rodents' Sax Mix) Chemlab 4:49
15."Iceman Cometh"Death Industry5:08
16."Head Cheese" Pain Emission & Beatmistress 7:31


Adapted from the Thugs 'n' Kisses liner notes. [8]

Release history

United States1995 Re-Constriction CD REC-016

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