Thunder, Lightning and Sunshine

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Thunder, Lightning and Sunshine
Thunder, Lightning and Sunshine.jpg
German film poster
German Donner, Blitz und Sonnenschein
Directed by Erich Engels
Written by Max Neal (play)
Max Ferner (play)
Erich Engels
Produced byErich Engels
Starring Karl Valentin
Liesl Karlstadt
Ilse Petri
Cinematography Edgar S. Ziesemer
Edited byJohanna Schmidt
Music by Werner Bochmann
Neue Film Erich Engels
Distributed by Terra Film
Release date
  • 22 December 1936 (1936-12-22)
Running time
92 minutes

Thunder, Lightning and Sunshine (German: Donner, Blitz und Sonnenschein) is a 1936 German comedy film directed by Erich Engels and starring Karl Valentin, Liesl Karlstadt and Ilse Petri. [1]


The film's sets were designed by the art directors Paul Markwitz and Heinrich Richter. It was shot at the Terra Film studios in Marienfelde.


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