Thunder from Down Under

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Thunder from Down Under
Frank Gambale - 1990 - Thunder from Down Under (alternative).jpg
Japanese and United States edition
Studio album by
Released1990 (1990)
RecordedNovember 1989
StudioStudio Sound in North Hollywood, Los Angeles; Silverlake Sound Studios, Mad Hatter Studios in Los Angeles
Genre Jazz fusion, smooth jazz, [1] instrumental rock
Label Victor
Producer Frank Gambale, Akira Taguchi, Takashi Misu, Ron Moss
Frank Gambale chronology
Thunder from Down Under
Note Worker
Alternative cover
Frank Gambale - 1989 - Thunder from Down Under.jpg
European edition

Thunder from Down Under is the third studio album by guitarist Frank Gambale, released in 1990 through Victor Entertainment [2] and reissued on 24 April 2001 through Samson Records. [3]

Frank Gambale Australian guitarist

Frank Gambale is an Australian jazz fusion guitarist. He has released twenty albums over a period of three decades, and is known for his use of the sweep picking and economy picking techniques.


Critical reception

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Alex Henderson at AllMusic gave Thunder from Down Under three stars out of five, listing "Samba di Somewhere", "Humid Beings" and "Mambojambo" as highlights.

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Track listing

All tracks are written by Frank Gambale, except where noted.

1."Humid Being"5:19
2."Faster Than an Arrow" (lyrics: Gambale, Stephanie Bennett)4:37
3."Samba di Somewhere"5:57
5."Obsessed for Life" (lyrics: Gambale, Bennett)4:13
6."Leave Ozone Alone"5:59
7."The Land of Wonder"5:04
8."Obrigado Fukuoka"5:00
10."Forgotten but Not Gone"5:15
12."One Not Two" (lyrics: Gambale, Bennett)1:27
Total length:58:17


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