Ti amo...

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Ti amo...
Ti amo Mina 2006.jpg
Compilation album by
Released16 June 2006
Recordedat PDU studios in Lugano
Length67 min : 16 s
Label PDU
Producer Massimiliano Pani

Ti amo... is a compilation album released in 2006 by the Italian singer Mina. [1] The album contains previously released songs between 1994 and 2005. The cover is inspired by the pop art artist Roy Lichtenstein. [2]


Track listing

1."Fragile from Bula Bula (2005)"Gennaro Parlato, Leonardo Abbate, Tiziano Borghi3:40
2."Noi soli insieme from Leggera (1997)" Alberto Salerno, Mauro Culotta4:38
3."Dove sarai from Bula Bula (2005)"Antonio Elia, Nicolò Fragile4:33
4."Io sarò con te from Cremona (album) (1996)"Maurizio Morante3:54
5."Portati via from Bula Bula (2005)"Stefano Borgia4:34
6."Stai così from Leggera (1997)"Filippo Trojani5:18
7."Amore (ft Riccardo Cocciante) from Canarino mannaro (1994)"Maurizio Monti, Riccardo Cocciante5:49
8."Come gocce from Olio (1999)"Francesco Garzone, Luigi Pignalosa, Vincenzo Capasso5:12
9."Dio, come ti amo from Sconcerto (2001)" Domenico Modugno 5:34
10."Torno venerdi from Pappa di latte (1995)" Giorgio Calabrese, Massimiliano Pani5:21
11."20 parole from Bula Bula (2005)" Roberto Roversi-Alberto Ravasini3:09
12."La bacchetta magica from Cremona (album) (1996)"Maria Enrica Andolfi3:59
13."Canto largo from Olio (1999)"Samuele Cerri, Massimiliano Pani)3:11
14."D’amore non scrivo più from Veleno (2002)"Mauro Santoro4:00
15."Di vista from Pappa di latte (1995)"Tullio Pizzorno4:33
16."Na voce 'na chitarra (e o poco luna) from Canarino mannaro (1994)"Ugo Calise, Carlo Alberto Rossi)4:33


Chart (2006)Peak
Classification Italian Chart (FIMI) [3] 29

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