Ti conosco mascherina

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Ti conosco mascherina
Studio album by
Released12 October 1990
Recordedat GSU studios in Lugano
Length41 min : 53 s (CD 1) - 44 min: 34 sec (CD 2)
Label PDU
Producer Massimiliano Pani

Ti conosco mascherina is an album by Italian singer Mina, issued in 1990. [1]


Track listing

CD 1

1."Caruso" Lucio Dalla 4:13
2."Fortissimo" Lina Wertmüller, Bruno Canfora 4:23
3."Billie Jean" Michael Jackson 5:51
4."The Man I Love" Ira Gershwin, George Gershwin 3:08
5."Malafemmena" Antonio De Curtis 3:37
6."Zio Tom" Fabio Concato 4:56
7."I Want To Be Free" Jerry Stoller, Mike Leiber 3:53
8."Un'estate fa (Une belle histoire)" Pierre Delanoë, Franco Califano, Michel Fugain 4:06
9."Yeeeeh (Ain't Gonna Eat My Heart Out Anymore)" Pam Sawyer, Sergio Bardotti, Laurie Burton3:44
10."Sono stanco" Bruno Martino, Bruno Brighetti, Berto Pisano 3:58
Total length:41:53

CD 2

1."Ma chi è, cosa fa? (Partido alto)" Chico Buarque de Hollanda, Giorgio Calabrese 4:43
2."Franz"Samuele Cerri4:26
3."Amornero" Duchesca, Lucumone, Aldo Donati 5:05
4."Lo farei" Victor Bach 4:38
5."Ganimede"Samuele Cerri, Francesco Sandi4:01
6."In vista della sera" Camillo Castellari 5:11
7."Notte di San Valentino"Enrico Riccardi3:49
8."Non ci sono emozioni" Massimiliano Pani 5:40
9."Nient'altro che felici"Vanda Di Paolo (Carmillas), Sergio Laccone5:18
10."Per una volta tanto" Giorgio Calabrese, Massimiliano Pani 2:25
Total length:44:34


Italy [2] 3

Year-end charts

Italy [2] 28

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