Tintarella di luna

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Tintarella di luna
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Studio album by
ReleasedMarch 1960 (1960-03) [1]
Genre Pop
Label Italdisc
Mina chronology
Tintarella di luna
Il cielo in una stanza

Tintarella di luna is the debut studio album by Italian singer Mina. [2] It was released in March 1960, by Italdisc. Despite the fact that the songs contained on the album have previously been released on various singles and EPs, it is considered not a compilation album, but a debut album in the official discography of the singer. [3]



This album contains tracks with which Mina has achieved success in the Italian charts. First of all, it is "Tintarella di luna", the first major hit, as well as "Folle banderuola". Another bright spot of the album was the song "É vero", with which she participated in the Sanremo Music Festival 1960 and received widespread critical acclaim. It should also be noted, among other things, the track "My Crazy Baby", one of the few authored by Mina herself. [1]

Critical reception

According to the reviewer of Optimagazine, this album was the soundtrack of an entire generation of Italians experiencing an economic boom, the empowerment of young people and especially women. [4]

Track listing

Side A
1."Folle banderuola" Gianni Meccia Meccia2:20
2."È vero" Nicola Salerno Umberto Bindi 2:06
3."Whisky"Aldo Alberini Daisy Lumini 2:48
4."My Crazy Baby"Mina
  • Yaşar Güvenir
  • Albrecht Marcuse
5."Nessuno"Antonietta De Simone
  • Edilio Capotosti
  • Vittorio Mascheroni
6."Ho scritto col fuoco" Vito Pallavicini Pino Massara 2:26
Total length:14:28
Side B
1."Tintarella di luna" Franco Migliacci Bruno De Filippi2:57
2."La verità"Umberto Bertini
  • Vincenzo Di Paola
  • Sandro Taccani
3."Non sei felice"Riccardo VantelliniGiuseppe Perotti2:30
4."Piangere un po'" Leo Chiosso Umberto Prous2:24
5."La luna e il cow boy"Nicola SalernoVittorio Buffoli2:43
6."Vorrei sapere perché" Adriano Celentano 2:38
Total length:15:21

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