Tierra de Pasiones

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Tierra de Pasiones
Genre Romance - Action, Drama, Black humor
Created by Eric Vonn
Developed by Telemundo
Directed byDanny Gavidia
Luis Manzo
Starring Gabriela Spanic
Saul Lisazo
Catherine Siachoque
Héctor Suárez
Theme music composerJuan Carlos Rodríguez
Opening themeTierra de Pasiones
Nesesito tu Tierra
by Gabriela Spanic
Country of originUnited States
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes172
Executive producer Aurelio Valcárcel Carroll
ProducerMartha Godoy
Production locations Miami, Florida
EditorsSebastián Jiménez
Macorix Perera
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time42-55 minutes
Original network Telemundo
Picture format SDTV, 480i
Audio format Stereophonic sound
Original releaseFebruary 20 (2006-02-20) 
October 24, 2006 (2006-10-24)
Preceded by El Cuerpo del Deseo
Followed by Marina
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Tierra de Pasiones (Land of Passions) is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by Telemundo which is owned by NBC Universal. Tierra de Pasiones was filmed on a set in Homestead, Florida, and aired weekdays from February 20, 2006 to October 24, 2006 at 8 pm ET.



In a beautiful valley where the most exquisite grapes are farmed, an intense and sizzling love story will flourish between Valeria San Roman, a beautiful woman with a strong character, which has given her the strength to face life's deceptions, and Francisco Contreras, renowned publisher, widower and a man of will.

Valeria, who manages the San Roman vineyard, hasn’t had an easy life. Her own father, Jose Maria `Chema` San Roman, the family's patriarch, has always hated her because she is the only one who doesn’t obey him. A man without scruples, selfish and womanizing, Chema arrived to the United States, married Valeria's mom to steal everything from her and later disposed of her. If that weren’t enough, Chema schemes a hideous plan causing Valeria to experience a horrible betrayal.

Meanwhile, Francisco arrives to visit his father at the ranch only to learn that he has married Marcia, a woman much younger than he who leads him to the brink of bankruptcy and drives him to suicide. At that time, Francisco decides to stay in the valley and save the family business from bankruptcy.

When Valeria and Francisco meet, their strong personalities undoubtedly clash, although it is evident that there is a strong chemistry between them. They team up to form a partnership convenient to both and are resigned to the idea of having to put up with each other. As they get to know one another, a love stems between them that will survive all the challenges they will encounter along the way.

But, when destiny finally gives Valeria this new opportunity, Pablo, an old flame she thought was dead, comes back from the past to change everything.


Main Cast in Order of Appearance

Gabriela Spanic Valeria San Roman
Saul Lisazo Francisco Contreras
Catherine Siachoque Marcia Hernández
Héctor Suárez José Maria "Chema" San Román
Francisco Gattorno Pablo González
Elluz Peraza Laura Contreras
Ariel López Padilla Javier Ortigoza
Sergio CatalánJorge San Román
Ricardo ChávezMiguel Valdez
Isabel MorenoMariana "Nana" Sánchez
Liliana Rodríguez Lourdes "Lulu" Aguilar
Carlos MesberGerardo Aguilar
Carolina LizarazoPaula Hernández
Raúl IzaguirreCarlos Domínguez
Álvaro RuizPadre Amado
Xavier CoronelIsmael Ojera
Alcira GilZoraida Beltrán de Domínguez
Yamil SesinDanilo Mendez #1
José Ramón BlanchDanilo Mendez #2
Géraldine Bazán Belinda San Román
Arap Bethke Roberto "Beto" Contreras
Teresa TuccioGabriela "Gaby" López
Jessica CerezoDaniela "Dany" Domínguez
Carlos EastAlejandro "Alex" Domínguez
Eduardo CuervoMauricio "Mauro" López
Fred ValleGustavo Contreras
Gladys YañezPilar Aguilar
Roxana PeñaPatricia
Guisela MoroMayte
Bernhard SeifertRamiro
Nancy ÁlvarezYolanda
Fernando BravoLucas
Leonardo KrisDr. Elías
Francheska MatteiLupe
Jorge Hernández
Julio OcampoAndrés González
Clemencia ValásquezDora Gálvez
Eduardo IbarrolaRómulo Gálvez
Kenya HijuelosLorna Gálvez
Renán Almendárez Coello Jesús ‘Chucho’ Gálvez
Martha MijaresOlga de Mendez
Ivelin GiroBibiana 'Bibi' Alfaro de Acevedo
Liliana TapiaElvira Acevedo
Juan Carlos GutiérrezHoracio Acevedo
Bernie PazFernando Solís
German BarriosAgustín Arizmendi
Chela AriasMercedes
Juan David FerrerRaúl Reyes
Luís CeleiroAlvaro
Adriana OliverosMariela
Joel SotolongoDavid
Sonia Noemí Cecilia
Luís Felipe BagosVicente "Chente"
Iván HernándezCandido
Rubén Darío Gamez
Jhonny AceroGodoy
Thomas DovalMedina
Richard LarraldeDrug Dealer
Aby Raymond
Luís Rivas


Original Story and Screenplay by: Eric Vonn
Costume Designer:Fiorella Garibaldi
Casting:Gustavo Puerta Serrano
Song-"Tierra de Pasiones" interprets: Gabriela Spanic
Authors:Alberto Slezynger
Pablo Cáceres
Arreglas:Vinicio Ludovic
Song-"Necesito tu Tierra" interpretes: Gabriela Spanic
Author: Gabriela Spanic
Art Director:Piedad Arango
Director of Art and Scenography:Oscar Cortes
Background:José Carlos Del Pino
Makeup:Luís Rivera
Original Music:Juan Carlos Rodríguez
Editors:Sebastián Jiménez
Macorix Perera
Musicalization:Shafik Palis
Joaquín Fernández
Direction of Photography:Juan Pablo Puentes
José Luís Ocejo
Joseph Martínez
Supervision of Production:Andrés Lugo
Director Assistants:Aimee Godiñez
Mariana Iskandariani
General Production:Martha Godoy
General Direction:Danny Gavidia
Luís Manzo
Exterior Director:Freddy Trujillo
Executive Producer: Aurelio Valcárcel Carroll


CountryAlternate title/TranslationTV network(s)Series premiereSeries finaleWeekly scheduleTimeslot
Flag of Azerbaijan.svg  Azerbaijan Ehtiraslar Vadisi Lider TV 20072008Monday to Friday18:00
Flag of Bulgaria.svg  Bulgaria Земя на страсттаbTVSeptember 4, 2006May 1, 2007Monday to Friday17:00
Flag of Croatia.svg  Croatia Zemlja strasti Nova TV 2006Monday to Friday
Flag of Georgia.svg  Georgia ვნებათა მიწა Rustavi 2 September 18, 2006April 19, 2007Monday to Friday18:45
Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary Második esély (Second Chance) RTL Klub May 12, 2009January 21, 2010Monday to Friday15:15
Flag of Lithuania.svg  Lithuania Aistrų žemė TV3 Viasat 2007 Autumn2008Monday to Friday15:40
Flag of North Macedonia.svg  Macedonia Земја на страсти Sitel TV 20072008Monday to Friday17:00
Flag of Romania.svg  Romania Taramul pasiunii Acasa TV 20062007Monday to Friday
Flag of Serbia.svg  Serbia Valerija RTV Pink December 12, 2006August 15, 2007Monday to Friday17:30
Flag of Venezuela.svg  Venezuela Tierra de Pasiones RCTV 20062007Monday to Saturday14:00

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