Tikal Jets Airlines

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Tikal Jets Airlines
IATA ICAO Callsign
Ceased operationsAugust 31, 2006
Hubs La Aurora Int'l Airport
Focus cities Mundo Maya Int'l Airport
Fleet size3
Parent company Tikal Jets S.A.
Headquarters Guatemala City, Guatemala
Website www.tikaljets.com

Tikal Jets Airlines was an airline based in Guatemala, which was operational between 1992 and 2006. [1]



Tikal Jets Airlines started operations in 1992. In November 1998 it changed ownership to become the Guatemalan National Airline. At that time Tikal Jets had been very successful with constant growth, becoming one of the leading businesses in Guatemala.[ citation needed ] It had been able to acquire modern and larger airplanes such as McDonnell Douglas DC-9 jets. Tikal Jets Airlines can be considered Central America's first low-cost carrier.[ citation needed ] It officially ceased operations on August 31, 2006.

In a letter, the President of Tikal Jets Airlines stated:

"Dear Friends:

With much regret and sadness, we inform you that from August 31, 2006, Tikal Jets Airlines, will be canceling all its air operations, as the Guatemalan airline. This decision was made, because we did not find all the necessary conditions to be developed as an Airline. Tikal Jets Airlines has rented its 3 DC9 airplanes to a South American airline, for a period of three years. We want to assure and guarantee you that all your passengers and reservations will be protected with another airlines in Guatemala that also has the operation Guatemala – Flores – Guatemala.

TIKAL JETS AIRLINES, really wants to thank you for the confidence you had about us, during all this years we worked together." [2]

Previous destinations

Tikal Jets Airline DC-9-51 (TG-JII) 255ad - Tikal Jets Airline DC-9-51; TG-JII@FRS;04.08.2003 (8190729958).jpg
Tikal Jets Airline DC-9-51 (TG-JII)
Flag of Guatemala.svg  Guatemala
Flag of Mexico.svg  Mexico
Flag of Cuba.svg  Cuba
Flag of Nicaragua.svg  Nicaragua
Flag of Honduras (darker variant).svg  Honduras


As of August 2006 the Tikal Jets Airlines fleet included: [3]

Jet aircraft

Turboprop aircraft

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