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Flight International
Flight International cover, 9 April 2019
EditorChris Hoyle
Categories Aerospace
Circulation 26,000 (December 2019)
Founder Stanley Spooner
Year founded1909
Company DVV Media Group
Based in Sutton, London
Language British English
Website www.flightglobal.com
ISSN 0015-3710

Flight International is a monthly magazine focused on aerospace. Published in the United Kingdom and founded in 1909 as "A Journal devoted to the Interests, Practice, and Progress of Aerial Locomotion and Transport", [1] it is the world's oldest continuously published aviation news magazine. [2]


Flight International is published by DVV Media Group. Competitors include Jane's Information Group and Aviation Week . Former editors of, and contributors include H. F. King, Bill Gunston and John W. R. Taylor.[ citation needed ]


The founder and first editor of Flight was Stanley Spooner. He was also the creator and editor of The Automotor Journal, originally titled The Automotor Journal and Horseless Vehicle. [3] From around 1900 the journal had a separate section relating to aviation and aeronautical matters. The 5 April 1908 issue of The Automotor Jornal included a diagram of patent drawings of a plane made by the Wright Brothers. [4] Stanley kept in contact with them via his friend Griffith Brewer. [3] [5] [6] Eventually, Spooner decided that a journal focused solely on matters relating to flying should be published—and so, Flight magazine was established as an offshoot of The Automotor Journal. [1] [4]

Claiming to be the first aeronautical weekly in the world, Flight first appeared on 2 January 1909 as the official journal of the Aero Club of the United Kingdom (later the Royal Aero Club). [1] In April 1934, Flight was acquired by Iliffe & Sons, who were proprietors and printers of technical magazines, one of which included Autocar . [7] [8] On 4 January 1962 the magazine was renamed Flight International. [1]

In August 2019, Flight International and its associated divisions (except analytics and consulting divisions which retained by RELX as Cirium) were sold to DVV Media Group. [9] In September 2020, Flight International switched from a weekly to monthly publication. [10] [11]

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