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Coordinates: 19°10′43″N83°05′28″E / 19.1785°N 83.0912°E / 19.1785; 83.0912 Coordinates: 19°10′43″N83°05′28″E / 19.1785°N 83.0912°E / 19.1785; 83.0912
State Odisha
District Rayagada
Subdistrict Kasipur
Time zone UTC+05:30 (IST)

Tikiri is a village in Rayagada district of Orissa state in India. Tikiri is a small Industrial town located in Rayagada District in the State of Odisha. It is 50 kilometers away from Rayagada District Headquarter and 80 kilometers away from Koraput District Head quarter. It is 20 kilometers away from Rupkona Junction. It is approachable by NH 326A (Rayagada –Koraput) till Rupkona and subsequently diverting another 20 kilometers in Rupkona –Kashipur State Highway. Being situated at high sea-level, it almost brings pleasant climate throughout the year and the summer days are not that much hot like other parts of Odisha. Utkal Alumina International Limited – a flagship of Hindalco group (Aditya Birla Conglomerate) is situated at Tikiri. Utkal Alumina is an Alumina Refinery of capacity 2 MTPA with its bauxite mine at Rayagada/Kalahandi District. Tikiri is basically a Panchyat, having its Panhayat Samiti at Kashipur (20 kilometers away from Tikiri towards Kalahandi District. It has population of five thousands including local and employees working in Refinery plant.

Tikiri which was not traceable for a good period, has suddenly raise its importance after the commissioning of the Alumina Refinery of Hindalco Group. Almost this plant brought fortune, jobs, livelihood and growth to the place. Aditya Birla public school, Saraswati Sishu Mandir are the two important educational institutes in that place. But for intermediate and other higher education one has to go to Laxmipur (20 kms away) in east direction, Kashipur (20 kilometers away in west direction) or Jaswantpur (20 kilometers away in south direction).

Tikiri itself is having a Railway station, which was initially there but precisely developed by UAIL in present days in to a big one and the trains who are having stoppage at this station are 1.Jagdalpur- Bhubaneswar Hirakhand Express, 2.Jagdalpur-Rourkela Express 3. Koraput – Vizag DMU and 4. Koraput- Sambalpur Passenger. Tikiri is 400 kilometers away from the state capital Bhubaneswar and one can reach Tikiri from Bhubaneswar taking the Hirakhand express or private luxury buses from Barmunda Bus stand. While coming Tikiri from Bhubaneswar one shall pass through Berhampur, Palasa, Paralekhimundi, Gunpur, Therubali, and Rayagada while coming by NH. Similarly one can come via Berhampur, Digapahandi, Gumuda, Padmapur, Ramanaguda, Therubali and Rayagada while coming by NH-SH.

Presently, the MLA of Rayagada constituency Mr.Makaranda Moduli hails from Tikiri and is an independent MLA. The main cultivation of this place is paddy, popcorn, Groundnut, Potato, Onion, Mandia /ragi / finger millet and other seasonal vegetables. The place is having one Hanuman Temple, One Shiva Temple and a Jagannath Temple to worship.

A good number of small and medium sized springs are flowing around this area and water is not a big concern in this area. However- Tikiri has a bit costly in terms of living because of the presence of the Alumina Industry.

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The history of Kalahandi goes back to the primitive period where a well-civilized, urbanized, and cultured people inhabited this land mass around 2000 years ago. The world's largest celt of Stone Age and the largest cemetery of the megalithic age have been discovered in Kalahandi. This shows the region had a civilized culture since the pre-historic era. Asurgarh near Narla in Kalahandi was one of the oldest metropolises in Odisha whereas the other one was Sisupalgarh near Bhubaneswar. Some other historical forts in the region includes Budhigarh, Amthagarh, Belkhandi and Dadpur-Jajjaldeypur. This land was unconquered by the great Ashoka, who fought the great Kalinga War, as per Ashokan record. In medieval period the region had played a prominent role to link South India, Eastern India and Central India region and witnessed the battle ground for Somavamsi, Chola, Kalachuris of Kalyani and Eastern Ganga dynasty. Kalahandi region was the main route for Chola to attack Subarnapur.

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Jharsuguda–Vizianagaram line Railway line in India

The Jharsuguda–Vizianagaram line is a railway line in eastern India. It connects Jharsuguda, on the Howrah–Nagpur–Mumbai line, and Titlagarh, which in turn is connected with Vizianagaram, on the Howrah–Chennai main line, and Raipur Junction, on the Howrah–Nagpur–Mumbai line. There are several branch lines, like the one connecting Rayagada with Koraput on the Kothavalasa–Kirandul line. The line traverses Western Odisha and connects the Howrah–Nagpur–Mumbai line with the Howrah–Chennai main line. It covers small portions of Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh.

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Aditya Birla Public School is an English medium co-educational middle school situated at Doraguda in the district of Rayagada district.