Tillie Creek

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Tillie Creek
Map of the San Joaquin and Tulare Basin region with the Kern River highlighted. Some rivers shown are intermittent or normally dry. A few selected canals are shown. Below: Map of the San Joaquin and Tulare Basin region showing the old lakes and river courses.
Country United States
State California
Region Sierra Nevada
District Kern County
City Wofford Heights
Physical characteristics
  location Sequoia National Forest
Lake Isabella reservoir
(formerly on North Fork Kern River)
35°42′22″N118°27′39″W / 35.70611°N 118.46083°W / 35.70611; -118.46083 Coordinates: 35°42′22″N118°27′39″W / 35.70611°N 118.46083°W / 35.70611; -118.46083
2,680 ft (820 m)
  location Kern River Valley

Tillie Creek is a tributary of the North Fork of the Kern River, in the Southern Sierra Nevada, Kern County, California.

Since the Kern River was dammed in the Kern River Valley, the creek's mouth is now on Lake Isabella reservoir in Wofford Heights.

In Wofford Heights the creek is located at 35°42′22″N118°27′39″W / 35.70611°N 118.46083°W / 35.70611; -118.46083 .

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The Keyesville massacre occurred on April 19, 1863, in Tulare County, now Kern County, California, during the Owens Valley Indian War. White settlers and a detachment of the 2nd California Volunteer Cavalry under Captain Moses A. McLaughlin, killed 35 Tübatulabal and Owens Valley Paiute men, "about ten miles from Keysville [sic], upon the right bank of Kern River".

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The French Fire was a wildfire that burned 26,535 acres (10,738 ha) near Shirley Meadows west of Lake Isabella in Kern County, California in the United States during the 2021 California wildfire season. The fire was initially reported on Wednesday, August 18, 2021, and ended around October 24, 2021. The fire threatened the communities of Shirley Meadows, Alta Sierra and Wofford Heights. The fire is currently 99% contained and has also reportedly destroyed some 17 structures, including 9 residences. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.