Timeless Departure

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Timeless Departure
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Studio album by
Released12 March 2001
Recorded1–14 August 2000, Abyss Studios
Genre Melodic death metal
Label Hammerheart
Producer Tommy Tägtgren
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Timeless Departure
Mind Revolution
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Timeless Departure is the debut full-length studio album by the Swedish melodic death metal band Skyfire, released on 12 March 2001 by Hammerheart Records. Common themes on the album include death, mysticism, and armageddon.


Track listing

  1. "Intro" – 2:05 [Music: Hanner/Edlund]
  2. "Fragments of Time" – 3:32 [Music: Hanner/Reinholdz, Lyrics: Hanner/Björk]
  3. "The Universe Unveils" – 4:56 [Music: Hanner/Edlund, Lyrics: Björk]
  4. "By God Forsaken" – 4:57 [Music: Hanner/Edlund, Lyrics: Hanner]
  5. "Timeless Departure" – 6:49 [Music: Edlund/Hanner, Lyrics: Björk]
  6. "Breed Through Me, Bleed for Me" – 5:10 [Music: Hanner/Edlund, Lyrics: Hallin]
  7. "Dimensions Unseen" – 4:54 [Music: Hanner/Edlund, Lyrics Björk/Wenngren]
  8. "Skyfire" – 3:52 [Music: Edlund/Hanner, Lyrics: Björk]
  9. "From Here to Death" – 5:32 [Music: Edlund/Hanner, Lyrics Björk]

The positions of track 4 "By God Forsaken" and track 8 "Skyfire" were juxtaposed on the original Hammerheart CD release's back insert due to a printing error. The 2013 digital re-release by Pivotal Rockordings corrected the mislabeled track listing. [4]


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