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Scientific classification

Felder, 1861
T. saturata
Binomial name
Tineopsis saturata
Felder, 1861

Tineopsis is a genus of moths in the subfamily Arctiinae. It contains the single species Tineopsis saturata, which is found on Ambon Island. [1]

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Nepticulidae is a family of very small moths with a worldwide distribution. They are characterised by eyecaps over the eyes. These pigmy moths or midget moths, as they are commonly known, include the smallest of all living moths, with a wingspan that can be as little as 3 mm in the case of the European pigmy sorrel moth, but more usually 3.5–10 mm. The wings of adult moths are narrow and lanceolate, sometimes with metallic markings, and with the venation very simplified compared to most other moths.

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Gangamela saturata is a moth of the subfamily Arctiinae. It was described by Francis Walker in 1864. It is found in Brazil.

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Hyblaea saturata is a moth in the family Hyblaeidae described by Francis Walker in 1865.


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