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Tirconaill Tribune
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TypeWeekly newspaper
Format Tabloid
EditorJohn McAteer
Headquarters Letterkenny, County Donegal
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Front page of the Tirconaill Tribune

The Tirconaill Tribune is an Irish weekly newspaper. Its editor is John McAteer. [1] The newspaper's headquarters is in Milford, County Donegal. [1] It is distributed to shops across north County Donegal. [1]


The Tirconaill Tribune is printed on Wednesday evenings. [1] It circulates each Thursday.


First printed in 1991, by October 2022 it had gone through about 1,600 issues. [1]

Lawrence Donegan's book No News at Throat Lake (Penguin: 2000) is a memoir about his year-long stay in Creeslough from late 1998, playing for the local Gaelic football club and working at the Tirconaill Tribune. [2] [3] The book also chronicles the "eccentric ways" of editor John McAteer. [1]

In 2008, the Tribune published the Government's decision to end disability allowances for teenagers between the age of 16 and 18. The paper reported that Tánaiste Mary Coughlan had met with concerned constituents and that the Down Syndrome Association had received confirmation of the change. Fine Gael TD Joe McHugh brought a copy of the newspaper to Leinster House to inform his leader Enda Kenny. [4]

In October 2022, editor John McAteer described the edition of the Tirconaill Tribune published after the Creeslough explosion as "probably the most important" ever. [1]

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Creeslough</span> Village in County Donegal, Ireland

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The 2012 All-Ireland Football Final, the 125th event of its kind and the culmination of the 2012 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship, was played at Croke Park, Dublin, on 23 September 2012. Donegal and Mayo, widely considered "one of the most novel final pairings of all time", met to decide the destination of the Sam Maguire Cup, with Donegal ultimately emerging victorious as Mayo were yet again undone by "the curse".

<span class="mw-page-title-main">James McNulty (Irish activist)</span> Irish activist

James McNulty was an activist for Irish independence and served as the commandant of the Doe Battalion of the Irish Volunteers during the 1916 Easter Rising in County Donegal in Ulster, Ireland, and was a stonemason by trade.

William Henry Dunlevy McCormick was one of the founders of the modern Irish architectural movement and one of the most important church architects in Ulster. He was responsible for designing twenty-seven ecclesiastical buildings and numerous commercial and state buildings, including the iconic Met Éireann building in Glasnevin, Dublin. McCormick was an accomplished sailor and member of the Irish Cruising Club, for which he served as flag officer.

St Naul's is a Gaelic football club in the parish of Inver in County Donegal, Ireland.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Creeslough explosion</span> 2022 explosion in Donegal, Ireland

The Creeslough explosion occurred on 7 October 2022 at an Applegreen petrol station in Creeslough, a village in north County Donegal, Ireland. It killed ten people and left eight hospitalised; the highest number of civilian casualties in the county in decades. The cause is uncertain, but investigators suspect an accidental gas leak.


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