Titanfall: Frontline

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Titanfall: Frontline
Titanfall Frontline hero.png
Developer(s) Particle City
Publisher(s) Nexon
Series Titanfall
Platform(s) Android, iOS
Genre(s) Card battle
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Titanfall: Frontline is a cancelled free-to-play card battle video game developed by American studio Particle City for Android and iOS devices, as part of the Titanfall franchise.



Players are situated on both ends of the screen, with a playfield in the middle. A Titan in the center faces the player's opponent. Titanfall Frontline screenshot.jpg
Players are situated on both ends of the screen, with a playfield in the middle. A Titan in the center faces the player's opponent.

Unlike other prominent collectible card games in the genre, which are played in turns, Titanfall: Frontline is played in real-time. The player collects and places Pilot, Titan, and burn cards to damage and defeat their opponent. Pilot and Titan cards can combine to perform extra damage. [1]

The game is free-to-play, and players can choose to purchase in-game content. [1]


In October 2015, Respawn Entertainment, creators of the Titanfall franchise, began a long-term partnership with Nexon, a company known for its free-to-play online games. The partnership was set to include Respawn sister studio and mobile game developer Particle City, which was co-founded by Respawn's Vince Zampella. Respawn owns a significant portion of Particle City, and Nexon invested in both Los Angeles-based companies as part of the deal. Several new franchise games are planned in the partnership, but none were expected to replicate the original's first-person shooter on a mobile device. [2] Particle City led development on the title, and Nexon served as its publisher. [3] It soft launched on Android in mid-September 2016 [4] and on iOS in the Philippines later that month. [5] Titanfall: Frontline was planned for a full release in 2016 on Android and iOS devices [1] but was cancelled on January 13, 2017. [6]

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