Titiwangsa Forest Complex

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Titiwangsa Forest Complex
LocationTitiwangsa Mountains, Peninsular Malaysia

The Titiwangsa Forest Complex runs along the Titiwangsa Mountains and forms part of the Central Forest Spine of Peninsular Malaysia.

The Titiwangsa Mountains in Cameron Highlands, Pahang Cameron Highlands from its summit (10498449354).jpg
The Titiwangsa Mountains in Cameron Highlands, Pahang
Untouched tropical rainforest between Mts. Suku and Yong Belar, near the tripoint between Perak, Kelantan and Pahang Ipoh Forest near Gunung Suku.jpg
Untouched tropical rainforest between Mts. Suku and Yong Belar, near the tripoint between Perak, Kelantan and Pahang

Patches and Roads

The Titiwangsa Forest Complex comprises the following patches which are divided by roads running from East to West across the range:

Lebuhraya Timur–Barat (Malaysia Federal Route 4)

Lebuhraya Timur–Barat Kedua (Malaysia Federal Route 185)

Jalan Kuala Kubu Bharu–Raub (Malaysia Federal Route 55)

Kuala Lumpur–Karak Expressway (Malaysia Federal Route 2, 68, E8)

Malaysia Federal Route 86

Malaysia Federal Route 51

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The East Coast Expressway is an interstate controlled-access highway running parallel to the northeastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The currently operational 433-kilometre (269-mile) segment of the expressway runs between Karak, Pahang and Kuala Nerus, Terengganu.

The Federal Route 2 is a major east–west oriented federal highway in Malaysia. The 276.9 kilometres (172 mi) road connects Port Klang in Selangor to Kuantan Port in Pahang. The Federal Route 2 became the backbone of the road system linking the east and west coasts of Peninsula Malaysia before being surpassed by the East Coast Expressway E8.

East–West Highway or also known as Gerik–Jeli Highway, Kulim–Baling Highway and Titi Karangan–Gerik Highway, Federal Route 4, Asian Highway Route 140 is the 215 kilometres (134 mi) federal highway constructed by the Malaysian Public Works Department (JKR) to shorten the journey from Kota Bharu, Kelantan to northwestern towns and cities of Malaysia such as Alor Star, Kedah and Penang. The highway connects Gerik, Perak in the west to Jeli, Kelantan in the east, before being extended further to Lunas, Kedah.

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The Minangkabau Malaysians are citizens of the Malaysia whose ancestral roots are from Minangkabau of central Sumatra. This includes people born in the Malaysia who are of Minangkabau origin as well as Minangkabau who have migrated to Malaysia. Today, Minangkabau comprise about 989,000 people in Malaysia, and Malaysian law considers most of them to be Malays. They are majority in urban areas, which has traditionally had the highest education and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. The history of the Minangkabau migration to Malay peninsula has been recorded to have lasted a very long time. When the means of transportation were still using the ships by down the rivers and crossing the strait, many Minang people migrated to various regions such as Negeri Sembilan, Malacca, Penang, Kedah, Perak, and Pahang. Some scholars noted that the arrival of the Minangkabau to the Malay Peninsula occurred in the 12th century. This ethnic group moved in to peninsula at the height of the Sultanate of Malacca, and maintains the Adat Perpatih of matrilineal kinships system in Negeri Sembilan and north Malacca.