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Tiyanaks VideoCover.png
Tiyanaks Movie Poster
Directed by Mark A. Reyes [1]
Screenplay by
  • Fairlane C. Raymundo
  • Venjie Pellena
Story by
  • Mark A. Reyes
  • Fairlane C. Raymundo
  • Venjie Pellena
  • Roselle Monteverde-Teo
Produced by Lily Monteverde
Starring [1]
CinematographyTim Jimenez
Edited byFrank Aldana
Music by
  • Arnold Buena
  • Allan Feliciano
Distributed byRegal Films
Release date
  • July 4, 2007 (2007-07-04)
  • Filipino
  • English
Box office₱19,700,000.00

Tiyanaks is a horror thriller film directed by Mark A. Reyes and starring Rica Peralejo, Jennylyn Mercado, Mark Herras, and JC De Vera. It is the second installment of the Tiyanak film series.



A school organization heads off to a Holy Week retreat, led by their religion professor. Before long, they realize they have lost their way due to misdirection and have no choice but to stay the night in a desolate house, with only a mother Mildred and her son Biboy living in the house.

The boy has three playmates who become jealous when the boy declines to join them in play, which angers them, and they seek vengeance on the newcomers. Nights later, the kids transform themselves into their real form as tiyanaks with elemental powers of water, air, and land, who attack the group, killing and disabling them one by one, until only the professor, the mother and her son, and some students remain. The mother dies when a tiyanak bites her while defending her son. The students kill two of the tiyanaks with holy relics but fall short when dispatching the last of them. The professor has the idea of baptizing the tiyanaks by submersing them on the pool, killing the last one with this method.

Days later, the survivors have a party when Sheila checks on Biboy who contracted a fever. When they try to find out what happened, the boy's eyes become fiery and enraged, and his head becomes engulfed in flames, revealing himself as a tiyanak.


Rica Peralejo portrays Sheila Rica and the I AM NOT PLASTIC bag.jpeg
Rica Peralejo portrays Sheila


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