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Todhunter is a surname of English origin. At the time of the British Census of 1881 Todhunter Surname at Forebears, its relative frequency was highest in Cumberland (59.9 times the British average), followed by the Isle of Man, Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Northumberland, Lancashire, Surrey, Essex, and County Durham.

A surname, family name, or last name is the portion of a personal name that indicates a person's family. Depending on the culture, all members of a family unit may have identical surnames or there may be variations based on the cultural rules.

English people Nation and ethnic group native to England

The English people are a nation and an ethnic group native to England who speak the English language. The English identity is of early medieval origin, when they were known in Old English as the Angelcynn. Their ethnonym is derived from the Angles, one of the Germanic peoples who migrated to Great Britain around the 5th century AD. England is one of the countries of the United Kingdom, and the majority of people living there are British citizens.

Cumberland Historic county of England

Cumberland is a historic county of North West England that had an administrative function from the 12th century until 1974. It was bordered by Northumberland to the east, County Durham to the southeast, Westmorland and Lancashire to the south, and the Scottish counties of Dumfriesshire and Roxburghshire to the north. It formed an administrative county from 1889 to 1974 and now forms part of Cumbria.

Todhunter may also refer to:

Sir Charles George Todhunter was a New Zealand-born civil servant in British India.

Isaac Todhunter English mathematician (1820-1884)

Isaac Todhunter FRS, was an English mathematician who is best known today for the books he wrote on mathematics and its history.

John Todhunter Irish writer (1839-1916)

John Todhunter was an Irish poet and playwright who wrote seven volumes of poetry, and several plays.

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Willis Todhunter Ballard was a Cleveland, Ohio-born American author, known for his Westerns and mystery novels.

Thomas Todhunter Shields Leader of the fundamentalist Christian movement in Canada (1873-1955)

Thomas Todhunter Shields was a leader of the fundamentalist religious movement in Canada. A self-educated immigrant from England, Shields was the longtime pastor of the Jarvis Street Baptist Church in Toronto. The Baptist denomination in Canada bore the brunt of that controversy and was centered at Jarvis St. Shields stood 6'6 in height.

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