Tolotta Records

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Founder Joe Lally
Genre Heavy metal
Doom metal
Hard rock
Country of origin United States
Location Arlington, Virginia

Tolotta Records was a record label run by Joe Lally of Fugazi. It was based in Arlington, Virginia, and distributed through Dischord Records. The label has released bands from Washington, D.C., and the surrounding area, such as Dead Meadow and Spirit Caravan. The label was founded in 1994 and came to an end in 2002 when Spirit Caravan broke up and Dead Meadow moved to Matador Records. Shortly after Lally set-up the label, the German label Hellhound Records (who were heavily vested in the Maryland doom metal scene) disbanded, leaving Tolotta to pick up some of the slack. [1] Tolotta re-released The Obsessed's first album (originally released by Hellhound) and picked up Scott Weinrich's new band, Shine, who later changed their name to Spirit Caravan. [1]



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The Obsessed is an American heavy metal band from Potomac, Maryland, led by Scott "Wino" Weinrich. The band combines elements of doom metal, stoner rock, and punk rock. Formed in 1980, they recorded a few demos and played a handful of live shows until they first split up in 1986 when Weinrich joined as lead vocalist for Saint Vitus, but reformed four years later. After releasing three albums, the Obsessed broke up for a second time in 1995. After briefly reuniting for some shows in 2012 and 2013, the Obsessed announced their third reunion in March 2016.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Joe Lally</span> Musical artist

Joseph Francis Lally is an American bassist, vocalist and record label owner, best known for his work with Fugazi.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Spirit Caravan</span> American doom metal / stoner rock band

Spirit Caravan was an American doom metal / stoner rock band featuring guitarist and vocalist Scott "Wino" Weinrich.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Saint Vitus (band)</span> American doom metal band

Saint Vitus is an American doom metal band formed in Los Angeles in 1978. They are considered to be one of the first doom metal bands, and have been labeled as one of the "big four" of that genre, along with Candlemass, Pentagram and Trouble. Having released nine studio albums to date, Saint Vitus never achieved a popular breakthrough, but have exerted great influence on the development of doom metal, sludge metal, and stoner rock.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Doom (British band)</span> English hardcore punk band

Doom are an English hardcore punk band from Birmingham whose first lineup were together from 1987 to 1990. Despite its short existence, the band is considered pivotal in the rise of crust punk, a genre of punk rock that takes influence and elements from extreme metal. They recorded for Peaceville Records and are cited as an early precursor to grindcore. Doom were also a favourite of BBC Radio DJ John Peel.

Sixty Watt Shaman is an American rock band known for incorporating hard rock with blues, southern rock, doom, punk rock and heavy metal influences, originally based out of Towson, Maryland, Montgomery Village, Maryland, and currently Winchester, Virginia.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Dead Meadow</span> American psychedelic rock band

Dead Meadow is an American psychedelic rock band formed in Washington, D.C., in 1998 and currently composed of vocalist and guitarist Jason Simon, bassist Steve Kille, and drummer Mark Laughlin. The band have released seven studio albums, two live albums, and a Peel Session.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Scott Weinrich</span> American singer and guitarist

Robert Scott Weinrich, better known as Wino, is an American singer and guitarist. He has been highly influential in helping develop and codify doom metal's trademark sound, and is also considered an influential figure in the stoner rock and punk rock genres.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">The Hidden Hand (band)</span> American metal band

The Hidden Hand was an American stoner rock and doom metal band from Maryland, formed in 2002 and dissolved in 2007.

<i>Incarnate</i> (The Obsessed album) 1999 compilation album by The Obsessed

Incarnate is a compilation album by American doom metal band The Obsessed. It consists of tracks taken from a number of rare and unreleased sources, namely their Sodden Jackal and Altamont Nation 7"s, the Hellhound Records What the Hell! compilation, and some unreleased demos. There are also two cover songs -- "On the Hunt" and "Inside-Looking Out". The track "Streetside" is a video clip.

Hellhound Records was a German record label during the late 1980s and 1990s, self-described as "the heaviest label on earth". They became known for putting out doom metal, with artists such as Saint Vitus and The Obsessed. In the early 1990s Hellhound signed a number of Maryland doom bands such as Internal Void, Iron Man, Revelation, Wretched and Unorthodox. They quickly became a prominent label in the doom metal genre. Some of the Hellhound releases were distributed in the US by Noise Records and Noise began pressing some of the later releases after Hellhound's demise. Noise released a compilation entitled Pure Noise which featured a number of Hellhound bands along with many Noise bands as well. Only a few Hellhound releases were re-released by current labels, such as Southern Lord Records and Japan's Leaf Hound Records.

Internal Void is an American doom metal band from Frederick, Maryland.

Wretched was an American doom metal band from Maryland, formed in the 1990s.

Iron Man was an American heavy metal band from Maryland.

<i>The Obsessed</i> (album) 1990 studio album by the Obsessed

The Obsessed is the debut album by American metal band the Obsessed, released in 1990 by Hellhound Records. All songs were recorded in 1985 for an intended album for Metal Blade Records, which had never been released. The release of this album prompted singer Scott "Wino" Weinrich to leave Saint Vitus and reform the Obsessed with a new rhythm section.

<i>The Last Embrace</i> 2003 compilation album by Spirit Caravan

The Last Embrace is the final album released by American band Spirit Caravan. It was released on 2×CD and 2×LP in 2003 by Meteor City Records. It contains 19 songs from their two albums, Jug Fulla Sun and Elusive Truth, the three songs that appeared on their debut 7-inch, the two songs from their final 7-inch, Spirit Caravan, the song from their split 7-inch with Sixty Watt Shaman, and their song from the Rise 13 compilation on Rise Above Records. It also features the last three songs Spirit Caravan recorded, "The Last Embrace", "Brainwashed" and "Dove-Tongued Aggressor".

Emissions from the Monolith was an annual heavy metal festival that primarily featured doom metal and sludge metal bands, and was widely considered to be the premier heavy/doom/sludge metal festival in the US. The festival was entirely organized by Greg Barratt at the nyabinghi in Youngstown, Ohio. The festival completed its ninth and final year in 2007, at Emo's, in Austin, Texas.

Stinking Lizaveta is a power trio from Philadelphia. MusicMight categorizes them as "doom jazz".

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma is a multi-instrumentalist, member of several bands, and co-founder of the Root Strata record label based out of San Francisco, California. Cantu-Ledesma got his start in the band Tarentel. He was one of the founding members and is still a primary figure in the band's line-up. Cantu-Ledesma continues to be involved with many musical projects.

Cardiac Kidz was an American punk band from San Diego, California, United States, active from the late 1970s through the early 1980s. In 1979, the Cardiac Kidz released two 7" vinyl records; a 45 rpm disc, "Get Out / Find Yourself A Way" and a 3313 rpm EP called, Playground.


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