Tom Chatfield

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Chatfield in 2015
Alma mater St John's College, Oxford University
Period21st century
Genres Non-fiction; fiction
Subject Digital culture
Years active2010 onwards
Notable worksFun Inc (2010); This Is Gomorrah (2019)
Notable awardsPrix Douglas Kennedy (2020) [1]

Dr Tom Chatfield (born 1980) is a British author, broadcaster, and tech philosopher. [2] Chatfield has written books on digital culture. [3] He is also a public speaker on the subject area. [4] Chatfield was appointed Chair of the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) in 2023. [5]



Chatfield took his BA, MPhil and doctorate degrees and taught at St John's College, Oxford, before beginning work as a writer and editor.[ citation needed ]

Chatfield's first book, on the culture of video games, Fun Inc, was published in 2010. Further books explored digital culture. He is an associate editor at Prospect magazine, [6] Fellow at The School of Life [7] and past guest faculty member at the Said Business School, Oxford, [8] as well as a columnist for the BBC. [9] During 2017, he was a Visiting Associated at the Oxford Internet Institute. [10]

Chatfield is a speaker and consultant on technology and new media. [11] For example, he spoke at TED Global 2010 on "7 ways games reward the brain", [12] was lead content designer and writer on Preloaded's game The End, [13] and appears regularly in the British and international media as a commentator. His work is published in over two dozen languages.[ citation needed ]

Italian think tank LSDP named him among its 100 top global thinkers for his work. [14]


Chatfield has written a number of books: [15]

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