Tor Edvin Dahl

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Tor Edvin Dahl
Born Tor Edvin Dahl
(1943-09-10)10 September 1943
Oslo, Norway
Occupation Novelist, short story writer, playwright, crime fiction writer, children's writer
Language Norwegian
Nationality Norwegian
Notable worksGuds tjener, Etterforskning pågår
Notable awards Gyldendal's Endowment, 1973
Riverton Prize, 1973
Bastian Prize, 1986
Spouse Aud Josefsen 196584
Anne Skjelmerud 1986

Tor Edvin Dahl (born 10 September 1943) is a Norwegian novelist, crime fiction writer, playwright, children's writer, non-fiction writer, translator, literary critic and journalist. He made his literary debut in 1968 with the short story collection En sommer tung av regn. His first novel was Den andre from 1972, and his literary breakthrough was the novel Guds tjener from 1973. [1]

He has written crime fiction using the pseudonym "David Torjussen". His first crime novel, Etterforskning pågår from 1973, earned him the Riverton Prize. [2]

The Riverton Prize is a literature award given annually to the best Norwegian crime story.

He was awarded the Gyldendal's Endowment in 1973. [3]

Gyldendal's Endowment was a literature prize which was awarded in the period 1934–1995 by the Norwegian publisher Gyldendal Norsk Forlag. The prize was awarded to significant authors, regardless of which publisher the author was associated with. The basic capital of the legacies came from the release of Bjørnson's collective works in 1932.

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