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Tripod promoting 101 Tripod Hits in 2016
Background information
Origin Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Genres Acoustic rock, comedy rock
Years active1996–present
Associated acts Kind of Pluto, Scott Edgar and the Universe & 7cm of Alex Lamberton
  • Scod (Scott Edgar)
  • Yon (Simon Hall)
  • Gatesy (Steven Gates)

Tripod are an Australian musical comedy trio founded by Scod (Scott Edgar), Yon (Simon Hall) and Gatesy (Steven Gates) in 1996. They provide original songs and harmonies, strung together by comic banter.



Live shows

Tripod began as buskers in Melbourne malls, performing a far-fetched prop act of which no record exists. They emerged as a musical act from the thriving Melbourne live music pub scene of the mid nineties, supporting popular local cover bands in such places as the Station Hotel, The Esplanade, the Central Club, the New Orleans Tavern and the Ritz, St Kilda. They were very much a cover band at first, performing three part harmony versions on hits by the likes of Elvis Costello, Bowie, the Beach Boys and Queen. They garnered a local following via regular residencies at the Commercial Hotel, Yarraville, just after it stopped being a biker bar.

They soon became regulars at the Prince Patrick Hotel in Collingwood, a Melbourne comedy venue, where they honed their skills in residencies and appearances from 1998 through to its demise in 2003. [1]

Tripod are stalwarts of their home festival, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, where they often performed since 1997, when they took their pub act and jammed it into a one-hour festival format at St Martins Youth Arts Centre, in a show entitled Welcome to My Wonderwall. They have appeared on music festival stages including the Falls Festival, the Port Fairy Folk Festival, the Queenscliff Music Festival and the Woodford Folk Festival.

Tripod have appeared internationally, including the Montreal Just For Laughs festival and the Upright Citizens Brigade theatre in New York and Los Angeles. They have played the Edinburgh Fringe numerous times.

They have also toured the Australian rural countryside including long stints with the MICF Roadshow.

Tripod alternate the form of their shows between the song-and-sketch cabaret gig format (such as Self Saucing and Men of Substance) and narrative musicals. Their first "story" show was Tripod Tells the Tale of the Adventures of Tosswinkle the Pirate (not very well), which premiered at the MICF before touring nationally.

Their narrative show, Lady Robots, was first previewed at the 2002 Adelaide Fringe Festival before it was performed at the MICF later that year. The show was a musical comedy telling the story of three men who are hurled into space where they come across a planet populated only by Lady Robots. Tripod performed a re-jigged version of the show, Lady Robots v1.1 at the Athenaeum Theatre at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2005, before a national tour culminating in a hit season at the Sydney Opera House. No recordings are known to exist.

On 30 January 2010, Tripod held the world premiere of their comedic musical Tripod versus the Dragon at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in North Adams, Massachusetts, United States. Elana Stone co-starred in the production in the role of "The Dungeon Master"/"Dragon" after Megan Washington, who had been co-writing songs for the production, declined the role due to scheduling conflicts. The production is based on the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game. [2] Tripod went on to perform this show at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Sydney Opera House, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2010, as well as subsequent seasons in Perth, Brisbane, regional Victoria and the Przeglad Piosenki Aktorskiej festival in Wroclaw, Poland.

In January 2013, Tripod joined forces with Australian performer Eddie Perfect to create Perfect Tripod, a show of classic Australian songs arranged in four-part harmony, inspired by their cover of Meet Me in the Middle of the Air performed on The Sideshow on 13 October 2007. Perfect Tripod toured concert halls throughout the nation and have collaborated with such Australian pop music greats as Gotye and Missy Higgins.

In October 2014, Tripod performed live at the international gaming convention, PAX (Penny Arcade Expo), in Melbourne at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. There they performed a short preview of This Gaming Life, an original collaboration between Tripod, Grammy nominated composer Austin Wintory and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

In 2015 This Gaming Life played to rapturous houses at Hamer Hall, Victorian Arts Centre, with a 55 piece orchestra conducted and arranged by Wintory. The show was a full scale two-act orchestral love letter to the culture and relationships of passionate video gamers, and has been described as the "Stand By Me of the gamer generation."[ citation needed ]


The band got their first break appearing on Hey Hey It's Saturday 's "Red Faces" contest, where they performed a parodic medley of Oasis hits that demonstrated similarities between the songs. [3]

Their first regular TV appearances were on In Melbourne Tonight (IMT) with Frankie J Holden. Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s they also showed up regularly on such live TV stalwarts as Good Morning Australia with Bert Newton, Denise with Denise Drysdale and popular Saturday morning live rock show Recovery .

Tripod were a feature act in Network Ten's 2003/2004 sketch comedy television show skitHOUSE , writing and performing sketches and songs as part of the core cast.

They performed on Rove/Rove Live in 1999, 2003, and 2004, and were guest programmers of Rage in 2004. [4]

Tripod were also core cast performers on the 2007 ABC weekly variety program The Sideshow.

The group made frequent musical appearances on Network Ten's Good News Week from 2009 to 2011, and have appeared on various ABC1 programs, including Spicks and Specks (May 2011), and Adam Hills Tonight (May 2013).

They have appeared yearly for almost two decades on the Oxfam Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala.


Tripod have appeared as guests throughout their career on popular Australian radio stations.

Their Song-in-an-Hour Challenge (2001–2004) was a popular segment on Triple J's drive-time show with Merrick and Rosso, and later on the Triple J Breakfast show [5] with Wil Anderson and Adam Spencer. In it they had one hour to write and arrange a coherent song based on incoherent listener suggestions and then perform said song to an eager national audience. Tripod often refer to this experience as their songwriting boot camp.

Two CDs containing some of the finest examples of these sessions have been released, each also including recordings taken from live Song-In-An-Hour challenges featured in Tripod's Pod August Nights concerts. In late 2005, they moved to Fox FM where they could be heard on Peter Helliar's weekly Friday morning show, Pete's Show.


On December 24, 2015 Tripod along with host Andrew Pogson started a regular podcast titled Perfectly Good Podcast. Initially started to promote their upcoming 101 Tripod Hits tour, the ongoing series shifted its focus covering any number of topic including current themes or stories from Tripod's 20+ years together. Each podcast centers around a theme in which host Andrew Pogson attempts to keep the members of Tripod to. Tripod also play live or play recordings of their songs which loosely relate to the episode's theme.

Perfectly Good Podcast Song Appearances
101 Hits #SongFromEpisode Song Appearances
1A Shandy Too FarBox Set – 1996 Episode 22 (Live)
2Adult ContemporaryMen of Substance – 2013 Episode 2 (Live)
3Air GuitarThe Sideshow – 2007 Episode 53 (live)
4All I WantThis Gaming Life – 2015 Episode 33 (Live) – featuring Poggo as electric guitar solo via mouth
5Ancestors1999 Episode 7 (Live) – a cappella style
6AquamanPerfectly Good Songs – 2007 Episode 27 (Live) – Guitar solo acoustic
7AstronautMiddleborough Road – 2004 Episode 2 (Live)
8Ballad of RonnieHow to Train an Attack Dog from Scratch – 2007 Episode 27 (Live)
9BardTripod Versus the Dragon – 2010 Episode 2 (Live) – featuring Yon on Trumpet (with an error and scream), Differences: No Elana Stone
10The BlueprintMen of Substance – 2013 Episode 8 (Live)
11BoggymanAbout an Hour of Song-In-An-Hour...Again – 2003 Episode 16 (Recording) – Album version
12Bubble HelicopterTripod Tells the Tale of the Adventures of Tosswinkle the Pirate (Not Very Well) – 2001 Episode 55 (Live)
13Building an EnidTripod Tells the Tale of the Adventures of Tosswinkle the Pirate (Not Very Well) – 2001
14Change a ThingMonster Beach – 2014 Episode 28 (Live)
15Christ is BornFor the Love of God! – 2008 Episode 1 (Live)
16Climate ChangeMen of Substance – 2013 Episode 26 (Live)
17CuckoldOpen Slather – 2000 Episode 4 (Live)
18DILFMen of Substance – 2013 Episode 15 (live)
19Do Go OnThis Gaming Life – 2015 Episode 32 (Live)
20Does It Have Guns?This Gaming Life – 2015 Episode 13 (Recording) – Demo version with synth orchestra
21Don't Feel BadTripod Versus the Dragon – 2010 Episode 14 (Live) – Differences: No Elana Stone, Yon sings Elana's parts, No Trumpet
22Drive KingDrive King – 1984 Episode 13 (Recording)
Episode 52 (Live) – featuring Andrew Pogson on Blaxophone
23EnidTripod Tells the Tale of the Adventures of Tosswinkle the Pirate (Not Very Well) – 2001 Episode 33 (Live) – Gatesy accidentally sings one of Yon's part
24FabianFegh Maha – 2004 Episode 45 (Live) – Instrumental only / Jamming with Poggo
25Fear of ShortsPod August Night – 2006 Episode 20 (Live)
26Fly So HighMiddleborough Road – 2004 Episode 34 (Live)
27Gay BarMen of Substance – 2013 Episode 5 (Live)
28Ghost ShipTripod Tells the Tale of the Adventures of Tosswinkle the Pirate (Not Very Well) – 2001 Episode 10 (Live) – Yon struggles to clear his throat, Scod asks if his OK and Gatesy comments that Yon is dying
29The Gods Are People TooTripod Versus the Dragon – 2010 Episode 3 (Live)
Episode 44 (Live) – featuring Andrew Pogson on the Blaxophone
Episode 44.1 (Live) – Rehearsal take, featuring Andrew Pogson on the Blaxophone
30Gonna Make You Happy TonightMiddleborough Road – 2004 Episode 15 (Live) – Different time signature and groove. Improv different game ending
31Good FriendsThis Gaming Life – 2015
32Goodbye Little Alarm ClockAbout an Hour of Song In An Hour – 2002 Episode 29 (Live) – A number of mistake due to Tripod not knowing the song very well
33Head of ZombieThis Gaming Life – 2015
34Hey Hoca 1650s Episode 21 (Live)
35The Hog Dog ManFegh Maha – 2004 Episode 12 (Recording) – Album version
36Hot Girl in the Comic ShopLive at Woodford – 2008 Episode 30 (Live) – Differences: Live "Oooo Haaa"
37I Always Get Into StuffMiddleborough Road – 2004 Episode 53 (Live) – featuring Andrew Pogson on Blaxophone
38I Had to Pay My Debt to the DevilHow to Train an Attack Dog from Scratch – 2007 Episode 3 (Live)
Episode 24 (Live) [6]
39I Hate this PlaceMonster Beach – 2014 Episode 31 (Live)
40I Hate Your FamilyOpen Slather (Christmas Edition) – 2000 Episode 7 (Live) – Differences: Improv Easter theme lyrics, Yon finishes with "anything for love"
41I Will Be ThereOpen Slather – 2000 Episode 42 (Live) – Differences: No trumpet, Gatesy says wrong line
42I Will Still PlayTripod Versus the Dragon – 2010 Episode 14 (Live)
Episode 49A (Live) [Patreon exclusive] – No Gatesy, featuring Andrew Pogson doing Blaxophone
43If I Had a TattooMiddleborough Road – 2004 Episode 20 (Live) – Differences: No repeat of song
44IKEAOpen Slather – 2000 Episode 41 (Live)
45In the CountrysideMiddleborough Road – 2004 Episode 5 (Live)
46Is it Okay if I Stalk You?Open Slather – 2000 Episode 30 (Live) – Differences: Laughing due to Yon noises
47Ivory TowerTripod Versus the Dragon – 2010 Episode 11 (Recording) – Album version
Episode 11 (Recording) – Megan Washington's first demo
Episode 65 (Live) No second verse, No Elana Stone
48Je Veux Te DireMiddleborough Road – 2004
49JeboticabalPerfectly Good Songs – 2007 Episode 4 (Live) – Differences: Yon accidentally says "Aracataca" once
50Jokes! Jokes! Jokes!Assassin's Creed Syndicate – 2015 Episode 34 (Live)
51KemptFegh Maha – 2004 Episode 4 (Recording) – Album version
52Key PartyHow to Train an Attack Dog from Scratch – 2007 Episode 5 (Live)
Episode 24 (live) [7]
53King KongSongs from Self Saucing – 2006 Episode 31 (live) – Poggo talks to Yon during middle of the song, no other movies are talked about like in Self Saucing
54Krap KarateFegh Maha – 2004
55Let's Take a WalkMiddleborough Road – 2004 Episode 50 (Live) – featuring MSO strings and Andrew Pogson on Blaxophone
56Lingering DadMen of Substance – 2013 Episode 7 (Live)
Episode 39 (live) – Scod narrates over M.A.S.H. theme
57The Lonesome/Gregarious CowboyFegh Maha – 2004 Episode 55 (Live)
58The Love of 3 MenThe Sideshow – 2007 Episode 54 (Live)
59Love SongOpen Slather – 2000
60Main Theme from Tosswinkle the PirateTripod Tells the Tale of the Adventures of Tosswinkle the Pirate (Not Very Well) – 2001 Episode 6 (Live)
61Melbourne GirlPod August Night – 2006 Episode 8 (Live)
62The Messenger's DreamLive at Woodford – 2008 Episode 36 (Live)
63MucusOpen Slather – 2000 Episode 59 (Live) – Different taking bits to Open Slather version. Reflect on what they use to do.
64No Daughter of MineSongs from Self Saucing – 2006 Episode 21 (Live)
65Old MoneyMiddleborough Road – 2004 Episode 28 (Live)
Episode 50 x2 (Live) – featuring MSO strings and Andrew Pogson on Blaxophone
66On Behalf of All the GeeksMiddleborough Road – 2004
67On PaperTripod Versus the Dragon – 2010
68One More Annoying CoupleMen of Substance – 2013 Episode 31 (Live)
69The Only ShepherdPerfectly Good Songs – 2007 Episode 1 (Live)
70OvertuneTripod Versus the Dragon – 2010 Episode 38 (Live) – featuring Andrew Pogson doing narration
71Playing OnlinePod August Night – 2006 Episode 19 (Live) – Differences: Doesn't have the adjective/acronyms mistake from Pod August Night
72Rock EisteddfodFegh Maha – 2004 Episode 30 (Live) – Scod goes into Chorus and stuffs Yon up plus other Scod base mistakes
73Santa FeMiddleborough Road – 2004 Episode 8 (Live)
74Santa's PapersFor the Love of God! – 2008 Episode 1 (Live) – Differences: "to a processing center in Indonesia" instead of Nauru
75Science Facts are UsefulAbout an Hour of Song In An Hour – 2002
76Second Drawer DownOpen Slather – 2000 Episode 59 (Live) – A number of false starts as Yon decides if he likes what is being sung. Unrehearsed so a number of mistakes.
77Shut DownThis Gaming Life – 2015 Episode 46 (Live)
78SkyrimThis Gaming Life – 2015
79Snapshots [8] [9] Middleborough Road – 2004 Episode 48 (Live)
80Someday the LordFegh Maha – 2004 Episode 3 (Live) – Differences: "Stand next to Bruce Boxleitner" instead of "Tron", (Say graceful then correct to gracious)
Episode 17 (Live)
81Squares on a ScreenThis Gaming Life – 2015 Episode 29 (Live)
82This StuffingFor the Love of God! – 2008 Episode 26 (Recording)
83StuntmanMiddleborough Road – 2004 Episode 37 (Live)
84Suicide BomberSongs from Self Saucing – 2006 Episode 26 (Live) – Scod stuffs up second chorus and starts over
85Taking the LifeTripod Versus the Dragon – 2010 Episode 67 (Live) – featuring Andrew Pogson on Blaxophone
86Tall ManSongs from Self Saucing – 2006 Episode 37 (Live)
87That's Why I'm Sending YouMiddleborough Road – 2004 Episode 20 (Live)
Episode 40 (Live) – Upgrade lyrics from predictive text to auto-correct with mistakes
88Theme from M*A*S*H GuySongs from Self Saucing – 2006 Episode 6 (Live) – Differences: No Yon cleaning his gun with his tongue gag at end
89This is My Last TransmissionLady Robots – 2002 Episode17 (Live)
90Three Seconds of HaloThis Gaming Life – 2015 Episode 13 (Recording) – Demo version with synth orchestra
91ThursdayMen of Substance – 2013 Episode 22 (Live)
92The TreesFegh Maha – 2004 Episode 1 (Recording)
93Triangle of HappinessMen of Substance – 2013 Episode 32 (live) – Differences: Loud Casio beat during song, Solo is Scod doing Casio drum solo
94Trying to Impress the BargirlMiddleborough Road – 2004 Episode 22 (Live)
95Ugly MenFegh Maha – 2004 Episode 21 (Live)
96UndergroundAssassin's Creed Syndicate – 2015 Episode 13 (Recording) – Album version
Episode 13 (Recording) – Demo version Austin Wintory instrumental
97Visor KingPerfectly Good Songs – 2007 Episode 35 (Live)
98Waiting for the Game to LoadMen of Substance – 2013 Episode 29 (Live)
99The WheelLive at Woodford – 2008 Episode 19 (Live) – Differences: What have we learn rant about link clicking
100With All Of My RichesMen of Substance – 2013 Episode 28 (Live) – Differences: Poggo talks over the ending and outro's the episode
101Would You Mind1998
Non 101 Hits Perfectly Good Podcast Song Appearances
SongFromEpisode Song Appearances
The Star Wars demofirst submitted to Poggo for consideration for a new live show Episode 2 (Recording)
The RigThis Gaming Life – 2015 Episode 5 (Live)
Episode 40 (Live)
Theme from How To Train An Attack Dog From ScratchHow to Train an Attack Dog from Scratch – 2007 Episode 6 (Live) – Differences: Scod sings incorrect line in first verse, and corrects himself.
Dirty PowerPerfectly Good Songs – 2007 Episode 9 (Recording) – Album version
Homophobic Christmas TreeFor the Love of God! – 2008 Episode 9 (Recording) – Album version
Shiny ChinPerfectly Good Songs – 2007 Episode 9 (Recording) – Album version
MaryanneFegh Maha – 2004 Episode 10 (Live)
AutisticSongs from Self Saucing – 2006 Episode 11 (Recording) – Album version
Nothing To See HereFor the Love of God! – 2008 Episode 12 (Recording) – Album version
Broken HeartDouble J's Writer's Room Episode 12 (Recording)
Gelatinous LoveTripod Versus the Dragon – 2010 Episode 14 (Live)
Surfers Paradise The MusicalAbout an Hour of Song-In-An-Hour...Again – 2003 Episode 16 (Recording) – Album version
Kevin BaconAbout an Hour of Song-In-An-Hour...Again – 2003 Episode 16 (Recording) – Album version
We'll Make It WorkLady Robots – 2002 Episode 18 (Live)
BoobsMiddleborough Road – 2004 Episode 23 (Live) – featuring Andrew Pogson, Yon stuffs up last verse
Blow This TownTripod Versus the Dragon – 2010 Episode 23 (Live)
If Billy BraggFor the Love of God! – 2008 Episode 25 (Live) – Differences: No trumpet so Yon whistles and also Poggo's phone goes off near the end and everyone cracks up a bit
The Little Drummer BoyFor the Love of God! – 2008 Episode 25 (Live)
O Holy NightFor the Love of God! – 2008 Episode 25 (Live) – Differences: Yon interrupts himself and talks on his verse, this leads to a few stop/starts and tomfoolery
Carolina Street StompHow to Train an Attack Dog from Scratch – 2007 Episode 39 (Live)
Hey You're Good At ShakespeareSong in an Hour Live on Podcast Episode 43 (Live)
The Play is ShitWritten for a special in honor of Ray Lawler Episode 44 (Live)
Tonight Will Be FineCover of Leonard Cohen song Episode 45 (Live)
In The Still Of The NightCover of Fred Parris and The Satins song Episode 47 (Live)
Heartache TonightCover of Eagles song Episode 49B (Live) – No Yon, featuring Andrew Pogson doing Blaxophone
For Those We LoveFrom Paul McDermott and Gatesy Go Solo Episode 51 (Live) – featuring Paul McDermott and Andrew Pogson on Blaxophone
Throw Your Arms Around MeCover of Hunters & Collectors song Episode 51 (Live) – featuring Paul McDermott and Andrew Pogson on Blaxophone
DriveWritten for Book launch of the book "Get Up Mum" by Justin Heazlewood Episode 52 (Live)
More Than ThisCover of Roxy Music song Episode 54 (Live) – featuring Andrew Pogson on Blaxophone
Oasnis Yeahnot recorded Episode 56 (Live)
Molly Meldrum Interview (Countdown)From Spicks And Specks Reunion Special Episode 57 (Live)
I Just Called To Say I Love YouCover of Stevie Wonder Song Episode 57 (Live) – featuring Andrew Pogson on vocals
Snake EaterFrom Metal Gear Solid 3 Episode 58 (Live)
CompassFrom Red Dead Redemption 1 Episode 58 (Live)
Oh Jedi KnightHoly Night Parody Episode 60 (Live)
Must Be SantaCover Episode 60 (Live) – featuring Andrew Pogson as the Audience
White ChristmasInstrumental Episode 60 (Live) – featuring Yon on trumpet and Andrew Pogson on Blaxophone
The Shit On Our HeadFrom The Writers Room – Double J Episode 61 (Live)
Love is a LieFrom The Writers Room – Double J Episode 62 (Live)
Not All of Queen Were Gaynot recorded Episode 63 (Live)
I Have To Teach You A Broken HeartFrom The Writers Room – Double J Episode 64 (Live)
I Want To Break FreeQueen Cover Episode 65 (Live) – featuring Andrew Pogson on Blaxophone
Autumn LeavesNat King Cole Cover Episode 66 (Live) – featuring Yon on trumpet and Andrew Pogson on Blaxophone
You Got To Have NutsFrom a play with a greater cast (not named) Episode 66 (Live)
Everything is Permanently Good AgainFrom a play with a greater cast (not named) Episode 68 (Live)
BirthdayPod August Night – 2006 Episode 69 (Live)
Take There spiritThe Dragon Episode 70 (Live)
Holy NightFor the Love of God! – 2008 Episode 71 (Live) – featuring Andrew Pogson on Blaxophone
Wish You a White Male Christmasnot recorded Episode 71 (Live) – featuring Andrew Pogson on Blaxophone

Suggested in Episode 27, and making its first appearance in Episode 28 with Andrew Pogson's submission Tripod asked listeners to submit alternate lyrics for the song Aquaman, and Tripod then played each submission on varies episodes. [10]

Aquaman Listeners submitted Covers
SongSubmitted byEpisode Song Appearances
Poggin HoodAndrew Pogson Episode 28
MaryanneTapenwa Mozongo Episode 31 – Unrehearsed, so some mistakes, no second verse
Traitor JimBarantis Episode 32 – Unrehearsed and some lyrics are cut off so some mistakes
The Tally HoesMarus Episode 33 – featuring Andrew Pogson, Yon and Poggo talk game talk during acoustic guitar solo
Baby GirlOmre Episode 35
Social NormJeremy Huges Episode 36 – featuring Andrew Pogson doing vocal guitar solo
Here I AmJennifer Whitehouse Episode 38
Lingering DadNick Chero Episode 39 – Solo done by trumpet
AquamannUnknown author but suggested it was Casey Bennetto Episode 41 – Poggo talks over solo
My Best FriendTim Alan Episode 44 – featuring Andrew Pogson doing Blaxophone solo instead of normal guitar solo
Aquaman The TributeSergeant Bandit from The Tally Hoes Episode 45 – featuring Andrew Pogson doing Blaxophone solo instead of normal guitar solo


Tripod's very first record Box Set was released in 1997. It was funded by their winnings from live TV segment Red Faces on Hey Hey It's Saturday

Their album Middleborough Rd, made up of studio recordings of songs they wrote for the sketch TV series SkitHouse, won the ARIA Award for Best Comedy Release at the ARIA Music Awards of 2005.

Tripod toured with the show Tripod are Self Saucing in 2004, and again at the 2006 MICF. They recorded a live album of the show in April 2006 entitled Songs from Self Saucing , recorded and mixed by regular collaborator Nao Anzai, which was nominated for Best Comedy Release at the 2007 ARIA awards.

Tripod's first DVD was also released in 2006: a live recording of their 2005 show "POD August Nights". The DVD includes numerous special features including a music video for their song "Gonna Make You Happy Tonight" from their 2004 album, Middleborough Rd.

Tripod's 2001 show, Tripod tells the tale of the Adventures of Tosswinkle the Pirate (Not Very Well) was also released on DVD in 2006, following the original 2001 VHS release.

In 2009, Tripod released a DVD of a live performance at the Woodford Folk Festival. This DVD featured never-before-seen bonus footage consisting of a bootleg recording of their 2007 show How to Train an Attack Dog from Scratch, a show whose narrative was loosely based around an examination of the fictional history of musical comedy.

Tripod released a Christmas album in 2009, from their Christmas shows, entitled For the Love of God. A toured nationally with the songs, performing in the Sydney Opera House that year. [11]

They released a CD of songs from Tripod versus the Dragon, including extended versions of the songs from an early version of the show, as well as a DVD with numerous easter eggs and special features on 2 March 2011. [12]

Men of Substance, their first full scale studio project since For the Love of God, was produced by longtime friend and collaborator John Castle (Megan Washington, Vance Joy, the Bamboos)


Tripod composed the theme song for SBS One's Australian television comedy history show ADbc in 2009.[ citation needed ]


NameAlbum detailsPeak chart positions
Box Set
  • Released: 1997
  • Label: Tripod (3POD001)
  • Format: CD
Open Slather
  • Released: 2000
  • Label: Tripod (3POD002)
  • Format: CD
About an Hour Of Song-in-an-Hour
  • Released: October 2002
  • Label: ABC/ Universal Music (12852)
  • Format: CD, Download
About an Hour Of Song-in-an-Hour ... Again
  • Released: 2003
  • Label: ABC/ Universal Music (13482)
  • Format: CD, Download
Tripod Live: Feghmaha
  • Released: May 2004
  • Label: Tripod (3POD003)
  • Format: 2xCD, Download
Middleborough Rd
  • Released: October 2004
  • Label: Liberation (LIBCD6137.2)
  • Format: CD, Download
Songs from Self Saucing
  • Released: 2006
  • Label: Tripod (3POD004)
  • Format: CD, Download
For the Love of God!: A Tripod Christmas Album
  • Released: 2008
  • Label: Tri Inc (LMCD – XXVII)
  • Format: CD, Download
Tripod Versus the Dragon
(with Elana Stone)
  • Released: 2010
  • Label: Tripod Entertainment
  • Format: Download
Men of Substance
  • Released: 2012
  • Label: Tripod Entertainment (3POD006)
  • Format: Download, CD
Perfectly Good Songs
  • Released: 2007
  • Label: Tripod
  • Format: Download
Perfect Tripod: Australian Songs
  • Released: 2013
  • Label: Tripod
  • Format: Download
Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
(with Austin Wintory)
  • Released: 2015
  • Label: Tripod
  • Format: Download



ARIA Music Awards

The ARIA Music Awards is an annual awards ceremony that recognises excellence, innovation, and achievement across all genres of Australian music. Tripod has won one award from six nominations, all in the category of ARIA Award for Best Comedy Release. [14]

YearNominee / workAwardResultLost to
2003 About an Hour of Song in an Hour Best Comedy Release NominatedMerrick & Rosso – From Us To Youse
2004 About an Hour of Song in an Hour...AgainNominatedScared Weird Little Guys – Bits & Pieces
Live – Fegh MahaNominated
2005 Middleborough RdWonN/A
2007 Songs from Self SaucingNominatedDave Hughes – Live
2009 For the Love of God!NominatedHamish & Andy – Unessential Listening

Other Awards

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<i>Songs from Self Saucing</i> 2006 live album by Tripod

Songs from Self Saucing is the seventh album from Australian comedy trio, Tripod, and their third live album. It was recorded in April 2006, during the last "Tripod Are: Self Saucing" show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, in front of a sell out crowd at the Hi-Fi Bar and Ballroom.

Sammy J Australian comedian

Samuel Jonathan McMillan is an Australian musical comedian, satirist, writer and radio presenter who performs under the stage name Sammy J. He embraces a variety of media in his comedy, including the use of video and self-composed music, and frequently collaborates with Randy the purple puppet. He has released several CDs and DVD compilations of his work; most recently the album Symphony in J Minor which was nominated for Best Comedy Release at the 2019 ARIA Awards. He has performed at comedy festivals in Australia, Edinburgh and Montreal, and has appeared on various Australian television shows, including Sammy J & Randy in Ricketts Lane, a sitcom based on the duo's touring show of the same name. He currently produces a weekly political sketch for ABC Television, satirising the news through various characters, and is the Breakfast presenter on ABC Radio Melbourne.

Justin Hamilton is an Australian comedian, writer and radio host.

The Axis of Awesome Australian musical comedy act

The Axis of Awesome was an Australian musical comedy act with members Jordan Raskopoulos, Lee Naimo and Benny Davis, that performed from 2006 to 2018. The trio covered a wide variety of performance styles, and perform a combination of original material and pop parodies.

Geraldine Mary Quinn is a songwriter, guitarist, singer, comedian and actor based in Melbourne, Australia. She won the Best Emerging Cabaret Artiste award at the 2006 Green Room Awards (Australia), and was nominated for Original Songs.

Dead Cat Bounce was an Irish comedy band made up of Demian Fox (drums), Shane O'Brien (bass) and James Walmsley. Based in Dublin, but touring all over the world, the group performed all-original comedy songs in variety of musical styles.

Aunty Donna Australian comedy group

Aunty Donna is an Australian absurdist comedy group formed in Melbourne in 2011. The group consists of performers and writers Mark Bonanno, Broden Kelly, and Zachary Ruane; writer and director Sam Lingham; director Max Miller; and composer Tom Armstrong. They have performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and Melbourne Fringe Festival. Their work includes a podcast, YouTube videos, the studio album Aunty Donna: The Album, and the Netflix series Aunty Donna's Big Ol' House of Fun.

Anne Elizabeth Gabrielle Edmonds is an Australian comedian and actor living in Melbourne best known for her stand-up work and for creating and starring in the ABC comedy series The Edge of the Bush. Beginning her career in comedy at 29 (2010) after working in mental health in rural Australia, Edmonds uses her suburban background, singing/songwriting and storytelling to create a fearless, self-deprecating and often macabre stand up voice. Humiliation and despair are central themes to Edmonds' comedy, as are stories of teenage mischief, sex, failure, relationships and loneliness.


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