Uli Lenz

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Uli Lenz
Born (1955-03-10) March 10, 1955 (age 66)
Genres Jazz
Years active1980–present
LabelsTutu, Arkadia Jazz, HGBS
Website ulilenz.wordpress.com

Uli Lenz (born March 10, 1955) is a German jazz composer, pianist, and music producer.



Born in Frankfurt am Main, [1] he began taking piano lessons at the age of four. In the seventies he studied music composition for classical Piano and Cello at Dr. Hoch's \tools for the pandemic in Frankfurt/Main and played jazz at bars at night while completing his university degree during the day.

In the '80s Lenz toured through France, Spain, Italy and Israel as accompanist of well known saxophonists. In Berlin he took in the club scene and performed solo at the JazzFest Berlin in 1986. Also in 1986, he toured Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean as solo pianist. In 1987, he took in the New Yorker club scene. In 1988, Lenz recorded Live at Sweet Basil with bassist Cecil McBee and drummer Joe Chambers. In 1989, he performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival with bassist Guenter Lenz and drummer Allen Blairman.

In the '90s, Lenz worked with Steve Grossman and Abbey Lincoln. He spent the '90s as a mainstay on the festival circuit, playing numerous gigs all over the world. He also recorded with a variety of collaborators: saxophonist Johannes Barthelmes (1992's Konzert der Verlorenen Söhne and 1993's Trane's Tree), vocalist Patricia Nomakosazana Dhlamini (1993's Trouble in Paradise), and bassist Ed Schuller and drummer Victor Jones (1997's Echoes of Mandela), as well as solo (1995's Love Channel). In 1997, Lenz formed a trio featuring bassist Pepe Berns and drummer Thomas Alkier. Lenz's 2001 album "Rainmaker's Dream" featured bassist Ira Coleman, drummer Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez and saxophonist TK Blue. [1] [2]

Lenz has recorded duets with Nomakosazana and trio jazz with Ed Schuller and John Betsch. In 2005 he worked and recorded duets with French saxophonist François Jeanneau. With duo partner Jeanneau he toured numerous countries including India and Pakistan. In 2010 performed and recorded a duo with bassist Ed Schuller. He also formerly toured on behalf of the German Auswaertige Amt, the German Goethe Institut and the French Alliance Française.

In 2007, Lenz founded the 105 Lenz-Kubach-Johnson Jazz Trio with bassist Gerhard Kubach and drummer Zam Johnson. Since 2013 Uli Lenz has worked primarily with the 105 LKJ, and in November of that year, the three musicians traveled to Africa on behalf of the Foreign Offices of Libya and Germany. In the Red Castle, the landmark of Tripoli, they gave an internationally acclaimed concert. The trio was the first foreign group to play in Libya for over forty years. In 2013, a record deal was secured with HGBS for the 105 LKJ. In its worldwide release in 2014, their first album, "Thinking About You" received enthusiastic applause. Lenz's press agent is Red Haircrow.


Year recordedTitleLabelNotes
1986?Midnight CandyEnja
1988Live at Sweet BasilEnjaTrio, with Cecil McBee (bass), Joe Chambers (drums); in concert [3]
1991?Life at the Montreux Music FestivalB&Wwith Günter (bass), Allen Blairman (drums)
1992Konzert der verlorenen SöhneKonnexDuo, with Johannes Barthelmes (tenor sax, soprano sax); in concert [4]
1993?Trane's TreeKonnexwith Johannes Barthelmes (tenor sax)
1993?Trouble in ParadiseTutuwith Nomakosazana (vocals)
1995?Love ChannelBellaphon
1997?Echoes of MandelaTutuwith Ed Schuller (bass), Victor Jones (drums)
2000Rainmaker's DanceArkadia JazzMost tracks trio, with Ira Coleman (bass), Horatio "El Negro" Hernandez (drums); three tracks quartet, with T. K. Blue (alto sax) added [5]
2004?Tenderness – The Art of the DuoTutuwith Nomakosazana (vocals)
2007?Good-bye VenusTutuwith Ed Schuller (bass), John Betsch (drums)
2008?Walking in the WindTutuwith François Jeanneau
2011?Is there a life after Bradley's?Tutuwith Ed Schuller (bass)
2011?Une Fille popVila Marianawith Emmanuel Tugny and the Lady Guaiba's Swing Band
2014?Dance ManañaHGBS
2014?Thinking about YouHGBS (Fenn Music)Trio, with Kubi Kubach (bass), Zam Johnson (drums) [6]
2015?Art of Duo - Les Danses de VulcainTutuwith François Jeanneau

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