Virtus et Fraternitas Medal

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Virtus et Fraternitas Medal
Medal Virtus et Fraternitas
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TypeCommemorative decoration of merit
CountryFlag of Poland.svg  Poland
Presented bythe President of Poland
StatusCurrently awarded
Established9 November 2017
First awarded19 June 2019
POL Medal Virtus et Fraternitas BAR.svg
Ribbon of the cross
Next (higher) Cross of Freedom and Solidarity
Next (lower) Gold Cross of Merit
Related Order of the Cross of Independence
Cross of Independence

The Virtus et Fraternitas Medal (Medal Virtus et Fraternitas) was established on 9 November 2017.


It is awarded by the President of Poland on recommendation of the director of the Pilecki Institute as a token of commemoration and gratitude to those who provided aid and assistance to Polish citizens. [1] It is also bestowed to honor individuals who voluntarily keep alive the memory of those who did not survive the war or the forced deportations, and found their graves abroad. [2]


The medal was awarded for the first time on 19 June 2019. Among the awarded were: [3]

The second awarding of medals took place on June 2, 2021 at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw. They were given to the following persons: [4]


The medal is round and silver. On the obsverse it is inscribed "VIRTUS ET FRATERNITATIS" (virtue and brotherhood). In the center of the medal carved stylized image of the White Eagle. The cross is 36 mm in diameter. [5]

The Virtus et Fraternitas Medal is suspended from a purple ribbon, 36 mm wide. Symmetrically arranged along the edges of the ribbon are gold stripes each 4 mm wide, both 4 mm from the edge. [5]

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