Volcano (1950 film)

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Directed by William Dieterle
Produced byWilliam Dieterle
Screenplay by Vitaliano Brancati
Mario Chiari
Victor Stoloff
Piero Tellini
Story byRenzo Avanzo
Starring Anna Magnani
Music by Enzo Masetti
Cinematography Arturo Gallea
Edited by Giancarlo Cappelli
Artisti Associati
Panaria Film
Distributed byArtisti Associati
Release date
2 February 1950
Running time
106 minutes
United States
LanguageItalian, then English

Volcano (Italian title Vulcano) is a 1950 Italian drama film directed by William Dieterle and starring Anna Magnani, Rossano Brazzi, and Geraldine Brooks. "Vulcano" was filmed on location on Salina Island, in the Aeolian Islands, and in the city of Messina on Sicily.


Vulcano has been seen by some as a vehicle of revenge by Anna Magnani against her estranged lover at the time, the Italian film director Roberto Rossellini who had chosen Ingrid Bergman to star in his film series about marriage - instead of her. Rossellini made his film Stromboli on the nearby volcanic island of Stromboli at the same time as Volcano was being made on Salina.

Both films were shot in similar locales in the Aeolian Islands only 40 kilometres apart; both actresses played independent-minded roles in a neorealist fashion; and both films were shot simultaneously. Life magazine wrote, "... in an atmosphere crackling with rivalry... Reporters were accredited, like war correspondents, to one or the other of the embattled camps.... Partisanship infected the Via Veneto (boulevard in Rome), where Magnaniacs and Bergmaniacs clashed frequently." However, Magnani still considered Rossellini the "greatest director she ever acted for". [1] [2]


The film plot involves a former prostitute, Maddalena Natoli (played by Magnani) who was exiled to the island of her birth by the police. There she suffers ostracism by the islanders, and she tries to defend the virtue of her younger sister from the advances of a deep-sea diver. Vulcano runs for about 106 minutes.  [3]


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Vulcano or Vulcan is a small volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, about 25 km (16 mi) north of Sicily and located at the southernmost end of the seven Aeolian Islands. The island is 21 km2 (8 sq mi) in area, rises to 501 m (1,644 ft) above sea level, and it contains several volcanic calderas, including one of the four active volcanoes in Italy that are not submarine.

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The volcanism of Italy is due chiefly to the presence, a short distance to the south, of the boundary between the Eurasian Plate and the African Plate. Italy is a volcanically active country, containing the only active volcanoes in mainland Europe. The lava erupted by Italy's volcanoes is thought to result from the subduction and melting of one plate below another.

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Strombolicchio Island in Messina, Italy

Strombolicchio is a sea stack of volcanic origin 2 km (1.2 mi) to the northeast of the island of Stromboli in the Aeolian Islands of Italy. Its name in the Sicilian language means Little Stromboli.

Marcello Sorgi is an Italian journalist and author.

The War of the Volcanoes is a 2012 documentary film directed by Francesco Patierno detailing the filming of Roberto Rossellini's 1950 film Stromboli starring Ingrid Bergman as well as the 1950 film Volcano starring Anna Magnani.

Vulcano is the southernmost of the eight Aeolian Islands in the Mediterranean Sea


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