Warsaw Babice Airport

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Warsaw Babice Airport

Lotnisko Warszawa-Babice
View of the airport from the air to the southwest. The photo draws attention to Powstańców Śląskich Street which is a street on the path of the former second runway. The paved runway 10R/28L in use is only a part of its former length.
Airport typeCivil, sports, Interior Ministry
Serves Warsaw
Location Warsaw
Time zone UTC +1 ()
Elevation  AMSL  ft / 106.1 m
Coordinates 52°16′9.06″N20°54′25.98″E / 52.2691833°N 20.9072167°E / 52.2691833; 20.9072167 Coordinates: 52°16′9.06″N20°54′25.98″E / 52.2691833°N 20.9072167°E / 52.2691833; 20.9072167
Website Official site's English page
Direction LengthSurface
10R/28L1,300 x 90 mConcrete
10L/28R1,000 x 150 mGrass
A Yak-40 now used for training by the Military University of Technology in Warsaw PL Yak40 042.jpg
A Yak-40 now used for training by the Military University of Technology in Warsaw

Warsaw-Babice (ICAO code: EPBC) is an airport in Warsaw, located in the residential district of Bemowo, near the border with the district of Bielany. It is also unofficially known as Bemowo.

Warsaw City metropolis in Masovia, Poland

Warsaw is the capital and largest city of Poland. The metropolis stands on the Vistula River in east-central Poland and its population is officially estimated at 1.780 million residents within a greater metropolitan area of 3.1 million residents, which makes Warsaw the 8th most-populous capital city in the European Union. The city limits cover 516.9 square kilometres (199.6 sq mi), while the metropolitan area covers 6,100.43 square kilometres (2,355.39 sq mi). Warsaw is an alpha global city, a major international tourist destination, and a significant cultural, political and economic hub. Its historical Old Town was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bemowo Warsaw District in Masovian, Poland

Bemowo is a district of Warsaw located in the western part of the city. Its territory covers the western belt of the former district of Wola, which was incorporated to Warsaw in the year 1951. The name of the district derives from the surname of General Józef Bem.

Bielany Warsaw District in Masovian, Poland

Bielany is a district in Warsaw located in the north-western part of the city.


The airport is administered by the Centre for Logistics "Warsaw-Babice" (Centrum Usług Logistycznych "Lotnisko Warszawa-Babice") and organisations based there include: the Warsaw Aero Club (Aeroklub Warszawski) and Polish Air Rescue (Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe).

It has been used for various events and celebrity arrivals including Michael Jackson (1996), Madonna (2009), AC/DC (2010), and the Sonisphere Festival (2010, 2011, 2012).

Michael Jackson American singer, songwriter and dancer

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The airport has a concrete runway 10R/28L, measuring 1300 m x 90 m, and, parallel to it, a grass runway 10L/28R, measuring 1000 m x 150 m.

The airport was established at the former military airport in Bemowo. It had two concrete runways 5/23 measuring 2000 m x 80 m and 10R/28L measuring 2500 m x 90 m. One of the former runways was used as an extension to the residential Powstańców Śląskich Street. Only part of the second, longer runway was used for the new airport.

Radio frequencies


The site of the current airport was used as a landing strip for Russian and German airplanes. In 1918 it was one of the bases for the Research Institute of Aviation Technology (Instytutu Badań Techniki Lotniczej - IBTL) which then changed into the Technical Institute of Aviation (Instytut Techniczny Lotnictwa - ITL).

The airport was reestablished after World War II, at "Szwedzkie Górki" (Swedish Hills) between Fort P (part of the Warsaw Fortress) and Boernerowo outside Warsaw (during this period, it was in the municipality of Gmina Blizne based in Old Babice, hence the name of the airport).

Warsaw Fortress

Warsaw Fortress was a system of fortifications built in Warsaw, Poland during the 19th century when the city was part of the Russian Empire. The fortress belonged to a chain of fortresses built in Congress Poland and the region adjacent to it during this period. It was built in stages, with the first part, known as Warsaw Citadel, built the years 1832-1834, in the immediate aftermath of the November Uprising of 1830. This initial fortification was then continually improved by the addition of further forts in its vicinity, with the work finally completed in 1874. In 1879 the government of the Russian Empire decided to carry ouf a major expansion of the fortress, which would incorporate a system of large forts surrounding the whole city. 20 forts forming this new system were constructed between 1883 and 1890. There were plans to combine the Warsaw fortress with the nearby Modlin Fortress by building a chain of connecting forts, but this work was carried out only partially. The rapid progress in the power of siege artillery required the forts to be continually strengthened. In the final period of its existence the fortress consisted of 29 forts and major works, including the older forts of the original Citadel, which were reinforced by numerous smaller fieldworks.

Boernerowo is a neighbourhood in the Warsaw's borough of Bemowo. Initially the spot was occupied by a small village called Babice, with an eponymous fort located in its centre. In early 1920s the area surrounding the fort was bought by the Polish state and in 1922 the Ministry of Post and Telegraphs started the construction of the Transatlantic Radio Station. As the radio station did not occupy the entire terrain, in 1932 minister Ignacy Boerner ordered a construction of a housing area to accommodate the workers of the radio station, as well as other people working in communications industry in the nearby city of Warsaw. The settlement grew and in 1936 it was named after its founder.

Stare Babice Village in Masovian, Poland

Stare Babice is a village in Warsaw West County, Masovian Voivodeship, in east-central Poland. It is the seat of the gmina called Gmina Stare Babice. It lies approximately 6 kilometres (4 mi) north-east of Ożarów Mazowiecki and 11 km (7 mi) west of Warsaw.

In 1959, a Boeing 707 transporting U.S. Vice-President Richard Nixon, used the airport.

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Singer Michael Jackson performed at Bemowo on September 20, 1996 during his HIStory World Tour in front of 120,000 people.

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Due to the heavy urbanization around the airport, to ensure safety and to ease the burden of airport operations for locals, a custom procedure (only used in Poland) to circulate traffic was introduced, which caused controversy among pilots and instructors. There still is a conflict of interest between the airport and local residents.


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