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Waukesha Motor Company advertisement in the Automobile Trade Journal, 1916. Waukesha Motor Company advert in Automobile Trade Journal vol 20 1916.png
Waukesha Motor Company advertisement in the Automobile Trade Journal, 1916.

Waukesha is a brand of large stationary reciprocating engines produced by INNIO Waukesha Gas Engines, a business unit of the INNIO Group. For 62 years, Waukesha was an independent supplier of gasoline engines, diesel engines, multifuel engines (gasoline/kerosene/ethanol), and LNG/propane engines to many truck, tractor, heavy equipment, automobile, boat, ship, and engine-generator manufacturers. In 1906, The Waukesha Motor Company was founded in Waukesha, Wisconsin. In 1957, Waukesha bought the Climax Engineering Co. of Clinton, Iowa, also a noted builder of large engines. In 1968, Waukesha Motor Company was acquired by the Bangor-Punta Corporation. [1] In 1973, Waukesha sold the Climax division to the Arrow Engine Company. In 1974, Waukesha Motor Company was sold to Dresser Industries and became Dresser's Waukesha Engine Division; [1] its typical nicknames afterward were Waukesha Engine [2] and Dresser Waukesha. In 1989, [1] Dresser acquired the Brons company of the Netherlands. In 2010, Dresser, including Dresser Waukesha, was acquired by GE Energy. [3] On January 20, 2014, Barack Obama visited the plant where he gave a speech on increasing the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. He also discussed wage equality for women. Afterwards he took a tour of the plant. [4] On September 28, 2015, GE announced it was closing the plant for good and moving the engine manufacturing operations to Canada. [5] In November 2018 INNIO announced that Advent International has completed the acquisition of GE’s Distributed Power business, being a stand-alone energy company rebranded as INNIO. The transaction included the Jenbacher and Waukesha product lines, the digital platform and related services offerings, with main operating sites in Austria, Canada and the United States. Since July 2019 the Waukesha and Jenbacher business units service their segments and customers around the world as independent entities under the INNIO umbrella brand. INNIO is headquartered in Jenbach, Austria, the business also has primary operations in Welland, Ontario, Canada, and Waukesha, Wisconsin, US.

Reciprocating engine Engine utilising one or more reciprocating pistons.

A reciprocating engine, also often known as a piston engine, is typically a heat engine that uses one or more reciprocating pistons to convert pressure into a rotating motion. This article describes the common features of all types. The main types are: the internal combustion engine, used extensively in motor vehicles; the steam engine, the mainstay of the Industrial Revolution; and the niche application Stirling engine. Internal combustion engines are further classified in two ways: either a spark-ignition (SI) engine, where the spark plug initiates the combustion; or a compression-ignition (CI) engine, where the air within the cylinder is compressed, thus heating it, so that the heated air ignites fuel that is injected then or earlier.

Petrol engine internal combustion engine designed to run on gasoline

A petrol engine is an internal combustion engine with spark-ignition, designed to run on petrol (gasoline) and similar volatile fuels.

Diesel engine Internal combustion engine with quality rotational frequency governing, internal mixture formation, lean air-fuel-ratio, diffusion flame and compression ignition

The diesel engine, named after Rudolf Diesel, is an internal combustion engine in which ignition of the fuel is caused by the elevated temperature of the air in the cylinder due to the mechanical compression. This contrasts with spark-ignition engines such as a petrol engine or gas engine, which use a spark plug to ignite an air-fuel mixture.

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Gas engine internal combustion engine powered by natural gas

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Jenbach Place in Tyrol, Austria

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Generac Power Systems, commonly referred to as Generac, is a Fortune 1000 American manufacturer of backup power generation products for residential, light commercial and industrial markets. Generac's power systems range in output from 800 watts to 9 megawatts, and are available through independent dealers, retailers and wholesalers. Generac is headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and has manufacturing facilities in Oshkosh, Jefferson, Eagle, and Whitewater; all in Wisconsin.

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INNIO Jenbacher designs and manufactures gas engines and cogeneration modules in the Austrian town of Jenbach in Tyrol. It is part of the INNIO portfolio of products and is one of their gas engine technologies; the other being Waukesha Engines. Jenbacher emerged from the former Jenbacher Werke, which was founded in 1959 and manufactured gas and diesel engines, and locomotives. The company was bought out by General Electric in 2003. In November 2018 the company became part of INNIO as part of an acquisition of Advent International and was renamed INNIO Jenbacher GmbH & Co. OHG.

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Gottfried Schloemer cooper

Gottfried Schlöemer or Godfrey Schlöemer (1842–1921) was a coopersmith, mechanic and inventor who lived on the south side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US. His principal claim to fame rests on the "motor wagon" that he built there in 1889, which some have hailed as the first workable gasoline-engine automobile ever built in the United States, four years ahead of Charles and Frank Duryea, who are most often identified with this achievement.

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The Biomass Research and Demonstration Facility uses biomass to create clean heat and energy. This facility is located at 2329 West Mall in Vancouver at the University of British Columbia's West Point Grey Campus. Official operation began on September 2012, by combining syngas and gasification conditioning systems with a Jenbacher engine. The highest potential output of this system is 2 MWe (megawatts) of electricity and 9600 lbs of steam per hour. This system is the first of its type in all of Canada, and it was put together by the cooperation of three parties: General Electric (GE), Nexterra, and the University of British Columbia (UBC).


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