While Parents Sleep

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While Parents Sleep
Directed by Adrian Brunel
Written by John Paddy Carstairs
Jack Marks
Anthony Kimmins (play)
Edwin Greenwood
Produced by Paul Soskin
Starring Jean Gillie
Enid Stamp Taylor
Romilly Lunge
Cinematography Ernest Palmer
Edited byMichael Hankinson
Music by Percival Mackey
British & Dominions Film Corporation
Distributed by United Artists Corporation
Release date
September 1935
Running time
72 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

While Parents Sleep is a 1935 British comedy film directed by Adrian Brunel and starring Jean Gillie, Enid Stamp Taylor and Romilly Lunge. The film is a screen adaptation of a 1932 play of the same name by Anthony Kimmins, which had been a popular success on the West End stage in the West End of London.


Unlike many of Brunel's 1930s quota quickie films, While Parents Sleep has survived and is regarded as an example of his ability to produce a worthwhile film under the most straitened of financial conditions. The Time Out Film Guide notes: "With a couple of tatty sets and a bunch of unknown actors, he produces a witty, sharply-paced, economical essay on class and manners in inter-war Britain." [1] It was produced by Transatlantic Film Corporation and British & Dominions Film Corporation.


The film is a farce about the romantic adventures of two young men with women of differing social backgrounds and the revelation of their true worth. [2]


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