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Wollert Konow
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Minister of Agriculture
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6 November 1900 9 June 1903

Wollert Konow (born 24 May 1847 in Bergen, died 25 October 1932) was a Norwegian politician and farmer.

Konow was head of the Interior Ministry from 1891 to 1893, speaking as Foreign Minister in 1913 and central radicals for decades. In 1891 he was the originator of the Skarnes line. Konow was very skeptical of diplomacy. [1] In 1906 he would prefer to have a unitary service in which diplomacy, consulate and ministry were coordinated. The rest of the Liberal Party opposed this radical claim and pointed to Sweden whom still kept the ministry, consulate and diplomacy separate. However, the Swedes eventually began to add it the same year, and after the great reform in 1922, Norway also introduced unitary service.

In political context, he is often referred to as Wollert Konow (H) or Wollert Konow (KH). The "K" stands for Konow and "H" for Hedemark because he represented the county of Hedemark in the Storting. The letters are to distinguish him from his cousin, fellow politician Wollert Konow (SB), who served as Prime Minister from 1910 to 1912. His initials SB, stand for Søndre Bergenhus. The Prussian Consul from 1806 by August Konow (1780-1873), who in 1824 wanted the Storting to push for more Norwegians to be appointed diplomats and consultants, was the brother of their common grandfather.

Konow was also awarded the 7 June medal. He died in October 1932, and was buried at Vår Frelsers gravlund.

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