2008 Nauruan parliamentary election

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2008 Nauruan parliamentary election
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  2007 April 26, 2008 2010 (April)  

All 18 seats of the Parliament of Nauru
 First partySecond party
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Leader Marcus Stephen René Harris
Party Nonpartisan Nonpartisan
Leader's seat Anetan Constituency Aiwo Constituency
Last election3 seats15 seats
Seats won126
Seat change+9–9

President before election

Marcus Stephen


Marcus Stephen

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Parliamentary elections were held in Nauru on April 26, 2008, [1] following the dissolving of Parliament by President Marcus Stephen on April 18. The decision came after what Stephen referred to as "months of political deadlock". Of the parliament's eighteen members, nine supported the Stephen government and nine were in opposition. [2] [3]

Nauru Republic in Oceania

Nauru, officially the Republic of Nauru and formerly known as Pleasant Island, is an island country in Micronesia, a subregion of Oceania, in the Central Pacific. Its nearest neighbour is Banaba Island in Kiribati, 300 kilometres (190 mi) to the east. It further lies northwest of Tuvalu, north of the Solomon Islands, east-northeast of Papua New Guinea, southeast of the Federated States of Micronesia and south of the Marshall Islands. With only a 21-square-kilometre (8.1 sq mi) area, Nauru is the third-smallest state on the list of countries and dependencies by area behind Vatican City and Monaco, making it the smallest state in the South Pacific Ocean, the smallest island state, and the smallest republic. Its population is 11,347, making it the third smallest on the list of countries and dependencies by population, after the Vatican and Tuvalu.

Marcus Stephen Nauruan sportperson and politician

Marcus Stephen is a Nauruan politician and former sportsperson who previously was a member of the Cabinet of Nauru, and who served as President of Nauru from December 2007 to November 2011. The son of Nauruan parliamentarian Lawrence Stephen, Stephen was educated at St Bedes College and RMIT University in Victoria, Australia. Initially playing Australian rules football, he opted to pursue the sport of weightlifting, in which he represented Nauru at the Summer Olympics and Commonwealth Games between 1990 and 2002, winning seven Commonwealth gold medals.


Events leading to election

The deadlock had been exacerbated by a crisis between the President and the Speaker of Parliament, Opposition member David Adeang. On March 22, Adeang had called a Parliamentary session, allegedly without informing government ministers, who therefore did not attend. Opposition MPs, Adeang included, constituted a majority of legislators present, and passed a ruling outlawing dual citizenship for Members of Parliament. The ruling, if applied, would have affected senior Cabinet ministers Dr. Kieren Keke and Frederick Pitcher. Had they been compelled to resign from Parliament, the Opposition would have controlled a majority of seats in Parliament. The law was overturned as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, [4] and Adeang subsequently sought to suspend all pro-government MPs from Parliament, citing their allegedly "unruly behaviour". [5] A week later, Stephen dissolved Parliament.

David Adeang Speaker of the Parliament of Nauru

David Waiau Adeang is a Nauruan politician, a former Speaker of the Parliament of Nauru, and Nauru's Minister for Finance and Justice, in addition he is the Minister Assisting the President of Nauru. He is a founding member of the Naoero Amo, currently the only successful political party on the island.

Nauruan nationality law

Nationality and citizenship in the Republic of Nauru are currently defined and regulated by the Constitution of Nauru and the Nauruan Community Ordinance 1956-1962. Dual citizenship is permitted.

Kieren Aedogan Ankwong Keke is a Nauruan politician and medical doctor. He is a member of the Parliament of Nauru and former Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Two observers from the Pacific Islands Forum were present to monitor the election, at the request of the Nauruan government. [6]

Pacific Islands Forum

The Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) is an inter-governmental organization that aims to enhance cooperation between countries and territories of the Pacific Ocean. It was founded in 1971 as the South Pacific Forum (SPF). In 1999, the name was changed; "Pacific Islands Forum" is more inclusive of the Forum's Oceania-spanning membership of both north and south Pacific island countries, including Australia. It is an observer at the United Nations.

There were 65 candidates for the 18 seats, among whom were former Presidents Ludwig Scotty and René Harris. [7]

Ludwig Derangadage Scotty is a Nauruan politician who twice served as President of Nauru and has been Speaker of Parliament since 2013. He served as President from 29 May 2003 to 8 August 2003 and again from 22 June 2004 until his ousting in a vote of no confidence on 19 December 2007. He served as Speaker from 2000 until his election as President in 2003, again from November 2010 to April 2013, and from June 2013 to June 2016.

René Harris Nauruan politician (1947-2008)

René Reynaldo Harris was President of the Republic of Nauru four times between 1999 and 2004. He was a Member of Parliament from 1977 to 2008.


All nine supporters of Stephen (Stephen himself, Kieren Keke, Mathew Batsiua, Roland Kun, Frederick Pitcher, Sprent Dabwido, former Speaker Riddell Akua, Dominic Tabuna and Rykers Solomon) were reelected, while three opposition MPs (former President René Harris, Cyril Buraman and Fabian Ribauw) lost their seats; [8] the government claims it has thus won the election. [9] Indeed, all three newly elected MPs joined the government and thereby ended the legislative deadlock. [10] The new parliament was expected to hold its first session on 29 April 2008. [11]

Mathew Jansen Batsiua is a Nauruan politician. Batsiua, a former health minister and former foreign minister of Nauru, has served as a member of parliament for the constituency of Boe since 2004.

Roland Tullen Kun is a Nauruan politician and Member of Parliament.

Sprent Dabwido president of Nauru

Sprent Arumogo Dabwido is a Nauruan politician who formerly served as the President of Nauru and a retired weightlifter. The son of a former parliamentarian, Dabwido was originally elected to the Meneng Constituency in the Parliament of Nauru at the 2004 elections. Having served as Minister for Telecommunications in Marcus Stephen's government from 2009, Dabwido joined the Nauruan opposition faction in November 2011 after Stephen's resignation, and, having passed a motion of no confidence against interim president Freddie Pitcher, was elected president four days later. In his role as president, Dabwido functioned as chairman of the Cabinet of Nauru, and held various portfolios in the Nauruan government.

e    d  Summary of the 26 April 2008 Nauru Parliament election results
supporters of Marcus Stephen .12
Source: ABC Radio Australia, May 1, 2008.

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Politics of Nauru

Politics of Nauru takes place in a framework of a parliamentary representative democratic republic, whereby the President of Nauru is the head of government of the executive branch. Legislative power is vested in both the government and the parliament. The Judiciary is independent of the executive and the legislature.

Nauru First is the only formal political party in the Republic of Nauru.

Parliament of Nauru

The Parliament of Nauru has 19 members, elected for a three-year term in multi-seat constituencies. The President of Nauru is elected by the members of the Parliament. The number of seats was increased to 19 following elections in 2013.

Michael Riddell Akua is a political figure from the Pacific nation of the Republic of Nauru.

Kennan Ranibok Adeang was a Nauruan politician who served as President of Nauru for three separate periods during the late 20th century. Born in Nauru, and educated in Australia, including at the Australian School of Pacific Administration, Adeang was first elected to the Parliament of Nauru in 1971, representing the seat of Ubenide, and became a noted opponent of Hammer DeRoburt, the country's first president. He first became president in 1986, serving two short terms at the end of that year. In the following year, 1987, Adeang was involved in the establishment of the Democratic Party of Nauru, one of the first political parties in Nauru. He again served as president in late 1996, but lost power after a motion of no confidence. Adeang was active in parliament until 2000, serving at various times in the Cabinet and as Speaker. In 2007, he was appointed High Commissioner to the Republic of Fiji, serving in the position until his death in 2011. His son, David Adeang, also served in the Nauruan parliament, occupying the same constituency as his father.

Frederick William "Freddie" Pitcher is a Nauruan political figure. In December 2007, Pitcher was appointed Finance Minister of Nauru, to serve in the Administration of President Marcus Stephen.

Cyril Buraman is a political figure and member of the Parliament of Nauru.

Baron Waqa Nauruan politician

Baron Divavesi Waqa is a Nauruan politician who has been 14th President of Nauru since 11 June 2013. He previously served as Minister of Adult Education from 2004 to 2007.

Godfrey Awaire Thoma is a Nauruan politician.

Aloysius Arabao Iyomogo Edrick Amwano is a Nauruan politician.

April 2010 Nauruan parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Nauru on 24 April 2010, following the dissolution of parliament by President Marcus Stephen on 16 March 2010. The election was called due to repeated attempts to oust the government of Marcus Stephen in votes of no-confidence. There were 86 candidates, eight of them women. Nauru uses a modified Borda count electoral system in eight multi-member districts.

June 2010 Nauruan parliamentary election election

Early parliamentary elections were held in Nauru on 19 June 2010 after the previous parliamentary election in April 2010 had resulted in a deadlock between government and opposition, tied at nine seats each. This led to an extended state of emergency in Nauru as a result of this election.

Milton Dube is a Nauruan politician.


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