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Alfred Voeltzkow (14 April 1860 February 1947) was a German zoologist and botanist from Berlin, Brandenburg.


He studied sciences at the universities of Heidelberg, Berlin, Freiburg, and Würzburg, receiving his doctorate at Freiburg in 1887 with a dissertation on Aspidogaster conchicola . He obtained his habilitation at the University of Strasbourg, [1] and in 1900 became a member of the Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina. [2]

Voeltzkow is remembered for his scientific journeys in eastern Africa and islands of the Western Indian Ocean; (Comoros, Madagascar, Juan de Nova and Aldabra). On these expeditions, Voeltzkow collected zoological specimens of numerous genera for study and classification.

Voeltzkow's best-known written works involved his African journeys, and were titled:

His name is associated with numerous species, including Cinachyrella voeltzkowi, Spinivorticella voeltzkowi, Cataulacus voeltzkowi, Pteropus voeltzkowi , Leucochrysa voeltzkowi, Oligochrysa voeltzkowi, Anapochrysa voeltzkowi, Lissoclinum voeltzkowi and the chameleon Furcifer voeltzkowi .


Voeltzkow was the author of two species of plants: Phyllanthus boivinianus (Baill.) Voeltzk. in the family Euphorbiaceae [3] and Toddalia unifoliata (Baill.) Voeltzk. in the family Rutaceae. [4] In 1908 Paul Christoph Hennings named the fungus genus Voeltzkowiella (family Bulgariaceae) in his honor. [5] [6]

The standard author abbreviation Voeltzk. is used to indicate this person as the author when citing a botanical name. [7]

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Voeltzkows chameleon

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